Kids Bed Guide

Kids Bed Guide
The endless choice of kids beds can be an overwhelming minefield for parents to manoeuvre; from single beds to cabin beds, storage beds to bunk beds, how do you know which is the best for your child? Moving to their first big bed is an important time in both your children’s lives and yours. That’s why you need to know all the options available to you so you can make the transition as fun and straightforward as possible. Whether you’re looking for your young child’s new bed or your teenagers, our range of children’s beds has an array of styles to choose from.

Types of Kids Beds

With children’s beds as our speciality here at Noa & Nani, we have a big range of bed types for you and your family to choose from.

Single Beds

If you don’t need any of the fun extras that you can get with our children’s bed range such as extra storage, then a single bed can be the best choice for you and your child. Best for children of four years and over, the single bed will prepare your little ones for their grown-up years and could be the right size to last them, even throughout their teenage years.

Cabin Beds

At Noa & Nani, we are renowned for our fantastic range of cabin beds. Our low-sleepers provide all the fun of a single bed but with added extra storage, whilst our supply of mid and high sleepers take the functionality of your child’s bed to a whole new level. Recommended for ages of at least four years and above, our cabin beds collection includes a wide variety of themed beds with bed tents, tunnels, and slides to make your child’s bedroom into their playground any time you want. If you’re not sure which size cabin bed to choose, look at our blog What Is The Difference Between A Cabin Bed, A Mid Sleeper And A High Sleeper?

Bunk Beds

If you’ve got more than one little one to cater to, there isn’t a better bed choice for them than bunk beds. Advised for children aged six years and over, bunk beds can make sharing a room much more exciting. Utilising the room’s ceiling space, bunk beds clear up more space for your two young ones to play and have fun. Bunk beds can come with some safety warnings that you need to consider before purchasing; our Bunk Bed Safety Guide has all the best tips and tricks to make the best of your child’s bunk bed safely.

Loft Beds/High Sleepers

Similar style to the bunk bed, a loft bed uses up the ceiling space of the room for your child to sleep in whilst making practical use of the space underneath. In our loft bed collection at Noa & Nani, you can get beds that provide desk space, reading corners, or picnic areas under your child’s bed. Recommended for ages six years and over, loft beds are an exciting choice of bed for any young child and can be the ideal way to make the best of a small space. Give our guide a read on How To Decide If A Loft Bed Is Right For You for a helping hand on choosing the best loft bed for the bedroom space available.

Things To Consider Before Choosing Your Child’s Bed

So, how can you decide which of these beds is the best option for you and your little ones? Here are a few tips to consider before deciding:

Is The Bed Suitable For Their Age?

Age is an important factor to consider when choosing your child’s bed. If you buy a bed designed for older children, your bed choice can come with safety issues. Your child’s bed should be a safe place that you can leave them unoccupied at nighttime without having to worry.

Is The Bed Big Enough For If They Grow?

Sleep is essential for your children to grow up big and strong, which means their bed is too. If your child is at the critical ages of development, it’s important to consider whether they may soon outgrow the bed. When choosing your child’s bed, keeping this in mind will mean the bed doesn’t stunt or negatively affect their growth. It will also mean that buying another new bed is on the horizon too.

Will The Bed Fit In Your Child’s Bedroom?

You need to pick a bed for your child that is practical too. Taking accurate measurements of the bedroom space you have available, including ceiling height, will ensure that your chosen frame will fit right into the area and stop some unnecessary faffing if it doesn’t.

Price Factor

A good bed for your child is an investment that encourages a good night’s sleep, healthy sleeping patterns and brings their room space to life. Our children’s bed prices at Noa & Nani are affordable options that make this investment easier on the purse strings.

Kids Mattresses

Before choosing your child’s bed, it’s essential to consider the mattress options available for that bed. We’ve put together a helpful guide on choosing the best mattress for your child’s bed that will ensure you’ve thought of everything before you buy. Whichever of our children’s beds you choose from the collection you’ll be guaranteed a quality bed frame that will alter your child’s space and make bedtime fun again. From the first transition bed to teenage options, our selection has it all waiting for you and your family to take full advantage of the range.