Kids Safari Bedroom Ideas

Kids Safari Bedroom Ideas

Is your child adventurous by nature? Then make sure to encourage their creativity and imagination by helping them build their fantasy escape in their bedroom. A child’s bedroom is their own safe space where they rest, play, and sleep, so make sure your children feel comfortable in their surroundings by choosing a theme to suit their personality. At Noa & Nani, we pride ourselves on offering a variety of furniture and bed themes and styles to makeover children’s rooms with a plethora of options to suit every preference and style.

How to Create a Kids Safari Bedroom

For the little hero in your family, why not choose a safari bedroom? This theme is perfect for children of all ages who love nature and animals as well as the adventure of discovering new and exotic places. If your child loves to play pretend and take their toys to exciting new destinations in their playtime, then a safari room is the ideal choice. Plus, with a selection from our varied collection, you don’t have to compromise on style as we offer children’s furniture that is safe, fun and still aesthetically pleasing.

Decorate the Walls with Safari Art

If possible, get started with a blank canvas, as this will make envisioning the safari you want to bring to life much easier. Get your child involved to help with the creative ideas too, and this will help encourage your child’s sense of belonging and ownership of the room.

Get started by choosing what to do with the walls. Of course, you could choose a block white and rely on hanging canvas art to bring in colour and scenery. Alternatively, you could choose wall decal stickers that are easy to apply and remove. This is also a good idea if your child is between ages, if they do decide that they want a more mature style for their room, then changing up these small changes is easy.

For a more professional and seamless style, test out your painting skills by adding colourful art to the wall. Why not create a larger than life wild escape with different shades of green leaves and nature on the walls? Start with long and tall grass sprouting from the bottom of the wall and blend this into huge cascading leaves, or bring famous African scenery to your child’s room by painting a large baobab tree, otherwise known as the ‘tree of life’ on the feature wall in the room.

Add more colour by adding peeping faces of friendly animals from between the leaves, or choose your child’s favourite safari animal to take pride of place in the room.

Choose a Themed Bed

The most exciting addition to a children’s bedroom is choosing a themed bed to create a truly world-building experience. After all, no child wants to be reminded of their bedtime when they're in the middle of discovering a new and exotic species.

Now you can make bedtime fun and encourage their sense of imagination with a themed bed from our wide collection at Noa & Nani. Explore mid sleeper beds themed to safari trucks, cabins and much more to blend in with the theming and create a fully immersive experience for your children to feel safe at all hours of the day and night.

Themed beds are also often available in mid and high sleeper styles, which allow for plenty more storage and playtime space. With bed tent accessories, your child will love being able to hide and play in their own little worlds, making use of every piece of furniture, accessory and toy in their little King or Queendom. Meanwhile, parents can enjoy the floorspace and tidiness presented with ample storage space beneath the bed, keeping rooms neat and orderly when not the stage of the latest adventure.

Finish with Accessories

Finally, finish the theming of your children’s safari room with plenty of accessories to create an imagination playground. They may already have a collection of safari themed toys so display these on shelves or in toy boxes to carry on the wildlife style, or why not treat them to a new addition to their collection with larger stuffed wildlife animals that will bring more character and life into the room?

Another great addition to a safari-themed bedroom is to include a children’s play tent. Whether they’re ‘camping out’ on their safari or hiding from some of the more ferocious animals on their journey, a children’s play tent will add an extra dimension of play to their adventure. More than that, children’s play tents are a great way to add an area for ‘quiet play’ to encourage some downtime for children. Fill their play tents with cushions and blankets to create a cosy space and add a few wildlife and safari books for them to enjoy.

Finish the room by hanging some fairy lights or bunting from the bed, walls or ceiling to create a more immersive experience with twinkling stars and more theming. This will go a long way in adding more decoration from top to bottom in your child’s room! For more theming options, don’t hesitate to explore our full collection of children’s themed beds, furniture and accessories online at Noa & Nani today, and discover even more world-building options to suit children of all ages and imaginations.

Article by Alex Tolofson