Bunk Bed Safety Guide

Bunk Bed Safety Guide
Bunk beds are the ideal way for families to save space and to optimise a bedroom’s potential, but when misused, bunk beds can have risks. By following the basics of our safety guide, we can help parents to ensure their children’s bunk beds are safe, secure, and the perfect place for little ones to sleep peacefully. Eliminate risks and make your children’s bunk beds a safe place for them to relax, sleep and spend their time in their bedroom. Follow our steps and put your mind to rest.

Are bunk beds safe?

When used correctly, bunk beds are very safe for your children to sleep on. Following certainty safety guidelines will make sure your family can take advantage of all the benefits of a bunk bed, rather than having to worry about the risks that come with them. Take time to make your children aware of the dangers that come with playing on their bunk bed and let them know the importance of correct usage. The better that they understand to be careful, the less risk there will be.

How can you make bunk beds safer?

Yes. By taking a few simple steps, you can easily make your children’s bunk beds even safer.

Consider Making Bunk Bed Rules

Provide your little ones with important rules that they need to follow to keep the bunk bed safe. Make sure they keep one person at a time on the top bunk, that the bed is used for sleeping and not playing and ensure that the ladder or bunk bed stairs are used correctly to make their way up and down the beds.

Install Rails

Install bunk bed guard rails to prevent your children from falling; these are usually easy to clip on the sides to keep your young ones secure in the top bunk and to give you peace of mind.

Implement Night Lights

One of the biggest dangers of a bunk bed comes when your little ones are wandering to the loo on a night time. Illuminating the bunk bed ladder will help reduce any slips or mishaps that might come with your children trying to climb down in the dark.

Cushion The Floor

Being prepared for the worst is key to keeping your children safe. By making sure you place the bunk bed on a cushioned, plush flooring – whether this is a carpeted floor or a rug – this will make sure none of the dangers of falling on a hard floor can take place.

Check Bunk Bed Stability Regularly

Ensure to test the bunk bed before your child sleeps on it and keep up these stability checks regularly. Check the bunk bed frame is solid, and that movement on it isn’t going to cause any issues and ensure that the ladder is well attached to the frame.

Place The Bunk Bed Correctly

Choosing the right location for a bunk bed can help eliminate a number of dangers. Place your bunk bed in a space that is away from light fittings and windows to reduce the potential for head injuries.

Invest In A Bunk Bed With Stairs

Often, the risks that come with a bunk bed are from your children climbing on the ladders. Our range of bunk beds with stairs eradicates this risk and makes climbing their way to the top bunk much safer – with the added bonus of extra storage!

What age are bunk beds for?

Bunk beds are made for children to share and sleep on. However, there are some age restrictions to consider. The bottom bunk of a bunk bed is safer for younger children above three years old, whilst it is recommended that no child under the age of six uses the upper bunk.

British Bunk Bed Safety Regulations

There are also UK regulations in place to make sure every bunk bed you buy is safe for your children to use. UK bunk beds have to comply with BS EN 747:2012+A1:2015, which means they have to be a specific level of strength and stability before your children are allowed to be anywhere near them. UK regulations require the following:
  • The bunk beds and ladders are solidly built
  • No sharp edges are bare around the bunk bed
  • Bed slats are no more than 7.5cm apart to make sure children can’t get stuck between them
  • The access ladder needs to be firmly attached to the bed
Therefore, every set of bunk beds you buy from Noa & Nani complies with these safety restrictions to ensure only the safest sleeping space for your children. Bunk beds aren’t all doom and gloom! By following our easy safety guidelines, you’ll be able to make sure your children can get all the excitement and fun out of one of our Noa & Nani bunk beds without the risks. Bunk beds help utilise the ceiling space of the room that would otherwise be wasted and makes children sharing bedrooms much more comfortable! The solution to saving space, adding new dimensions to the room and often providing extra storage options, a bunk bed is always a great choice of bed for a children’s bedroom and, especially for a shared bedroom. Check out our top quality, safety regulated bunk beds here at Noa & Nani today!

Article by Alex Tolofson