The Noa & Nani Guide to a Better Night’s Sleep

The Noa & Nani Guide to a Better Night’s Sleep

If you have found yourself struggling to get a good nights rest recently, then we are here to help.

At Noa & Nani, we consider ourselves to be somewhat sleep experts, and we are dedicated to ensuring our customers are happy and comfortable with their bedroom furniture.

This is why we have put together our comprehensive guide to getting a better night's sleep so that you can put the comfortable furniture with the right techniques and schedule to help you drift off.

Table of Contents

  1. The Key to a Good Nights Sleep
  2. How to Wind Down for a Full Nights Rest
  3. 3 Tips to Help you Get Back to Sleep

The key to a good night’s sleep

Getting a good nights sleep is actually much easier to achieve with just a few simple changes to your usual routine. You might be surprised to learn that the key to a long and fitful sleep actually begins much earlier in the day.

A good nights sleep starts the moment that you wake up. So, don’t waste the day lounging around in bed.

Set time aside to exercise

Set your alarm in the morning and stick to it. Wake up, start your day with a nutritious breakfast, and set aside some time to exercise.

Eating well and exercising regularly work symbiotically to keep you happy and healthy. The boost of energy that exercising for even only a little bit each day is the trigger your body needs to ease you into a state of relaxation. It also expends any pent up energy that might be preventing you from drifting off at night.

Did you know that exercising also releases endorphins that lift your mood? Feeling happy and relaxed is an excellent combination to drifting off easier at night.

How to wind down for a full nights rest

Other than how you start your day, there are also a few tips you should consider for winding down just before bedtime.

Turn off electronic devices

You should consider nighttime your opportunity to detox from all electronic devices. So, no matter how hard you find it, make sure you put down your phone for the night long before you’re ready to close your eyes.

We recommend shutting down your electronic devices at least an hour before your usual bedtime and not picking them back up until morning.

Instead, why not reach for a book or take some time to jot down your thoughts and feelings from the day?

If your job or everyday life is causing you stress, writing down your thoughts is the perfect way to unleash your worries and work through your problems. Allowing you to switch off for bed without the stress weighing down on your mind.

Similarly, reading your favourite book is a great way to create an oasis of peace and escape reality.

Keep the lights dimmed in the evening

As you wind down in the evening, make sure you dim the lights and stick to the warming ambience of lamps and candles instead.

When exposed to bright lights around the house well into the evening, your brain remains alert for longer. By dimming the lights, it sends the message from your brain to your body that it is time to wind down for the night and prepare for bed.

You could also try playing soothing, instrumental music to help you ease into a state of relaxation.

Relax in a soothing bath

Finally, make sure to treat both your body and mind equally, so as much as you calm your mind, you should also unwind your body. We find the best way to do both is to relax in a soothing bath.

Light a few candles, indulge in your favourite bubble bath and products and spend time switching off your body. We think essential oils are a great way to enhance your bathtime routine for evenings when you need an extra nudge to detox your mind and body.

3 tips to help you get back to sleep

Lying awake in the middle of the night can be so frustrating. Whether you’ve been woken by a noise outside, a snoring partner, or a child suffering from nightmares, when it comes to nodding back off, the struggle can be very real indeed. Next time you or the little ones find it difficult to drift back into slumber, try these tricks to get you there faster.

1. Don’t reach for your phone

Upon waking, our first instinct can often be to reach for a mobile phone to check the time. Not only will the light of your screen confuse your brain into thinking it’s not bedtime, but watching the clock can also hinder your efforts to return to the ‘Land of Nod’.

Obsessive clock checking tends to make us feel worse about the fact that we’re awake too, causing anxiety that in turn means it’s harder to sleep. And round and round it goes. Then, of course, there’s the small fact that you might be tempted to check messages or look at social media when your phone is in your hand, which only takes away from those precious moments of rest.

2. Don’t lie and count sheep

If lying in bed and keeping your eyes closed isn’t cutting it, try being low level active to distract yourself from your sleep worries. When you’ve been awake for more than twenty minutes or so, this can help reset you for sleep so you can start again.

Why not try some light reading or listen to some relaxing music? It’s always a good idea to pop to the toilet too, but avoid turning on any bright lights if you can.

The aim is to stay fairly relaxed and keep your body in a sleep-friendly mode. So getting out of bed then climbing back in could help.

3. Use breathing and relaxation techniques

While counting sheep won’t necessarily help you drop off, following relaxing breathing methods or even using self-hypnotherapy techniques is always worth a go.

Try and slow down your breathing naturally and picture yourself in a relaxing spot or perhaps even sleeping.

Rubbing your ears or rolling your eyes upwards can also help bring on a sleepy state.

Make your bedroom your sanctuary

Now that you have read through all of our tips to get a good night’s sleep, we hope you can drift off quickly and wake up feeling refreshed.

However, if you still struggle to sleep soundly, you should have a good look at your bedroom and make sure it feels like a sanctuary where you feel totally comfortable.

Outfit your bedroom with stylish beds and plush mattresses that will help you ease into sleep like a dream.


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