10 Steps to Creating a Spring Bedroom: The Ultimate Noa & Nani Guide

10 Steps to Creating a Spring Bedroom: The Ultimate Noa & Nani Guide

As we say goodbye to the cold winter months, the refreshing promise of a new start is ready to roll around with spring.

Here at Noa & Nani, we understand better than anyone the desire to take pride in our homes. And keeping on top of the clutter and mess accumulated throughout the year is the best way to create a serene atmosphere.

So, if you are looking for ways to refresh your bedroom for spring, then you have come to the right place. Here we have put together a 10 step guide to creating the perfect spring bedroom and answered all of your questions on the how and why.

Table of Contents

  1. Why do we spring clean?
  2. How to spring clean your bedroom in 10 easy steps
  3. Why is spring cleaning important?
  4. Creating your dream bedroom

Why do we spring clean?

Before we dive into our guide on how to spring clean, you might be wondering what the importance of it is.

Why spring?

Spring cleaning started as a way to clean away the mess of winter. But we’re not talking about Christmas tree needles and decorations.

Before we had central heating and the like, most homes relied on lighting the fireplace during winter and keeping all doors closed tight to keep our homes warm. But with the fires came soot and dust with no air circulation for it to escape.

Spring cleaning was a way for people to open up the windows to the spring breeze and dust off their interiors, and today we still keep up this important practice.

How to spring clean your bedroom in 10 steps

We have broken down how you can spring clean your bedroom into 10 easy to follow steps. So, whether you do them all or even just pick out the steps most relevant to your bedroom's needs, you are sure to be left with a space that is refreshed and sparkling.

Step 1: Give the bedroom a once over

Before diving into the cleaning process, start by giving your bedroom a once over. By this, we mean giving your bedroom your usual daily tidy up treatment.

Empty your laundry hamper, remove any rubbish and open up your windows to let the fresh air inside. Doing this step first will always answer the question of ‘where do I even start?’

Step 2: Clear out what doesn’t belong

Next, use a critical eye and determine what doesn’t belong in your bedroom. To achieve an open and serene atmosphere that will make drifting off at night easier, you need to ensure your bedroom is not a cluttered, ‘free for all’ space.

Step 3: Launder all linens

Remove all your linens from the room and wash them to ensure every inch of the room is fresh and clean. Your curtains may look fine, but you would e surprised by just how much dust they can gather, and it is not always noticeable until they’re clean again!

Linens should include; bed sheets, curtains, rugs and pillows.

Step 4: Begin dusting

Once you’ve removed fabrics from the room, you can focus on dusting from top to bottom. If you want to be really thorough, you should always work your way from left to right to avoid scattering dust back over areas you’ve already cleaned.

Don’t forget to remove picture frames and other decorations before you dut so that no spot is missed, and also remember to wipe over any light bulbs.

Step 5: Give wooden furniture TLC

Now is your chance to pay special attention to any wooden furniture you have in your home. Start by removing any sticky build-ups on your wooden furniture, and then take the time to cover any scratches in the furniture and treat the wood properly.

Step 6: Clean your mattress

If your mattress is fairly new, you won’t need to give it too much of a deep clean. Simply running over the mattress with your nozzle vacuum attachment and rotating or flipping it over will do.

However, if your mattress is stained or has seen better days, then don’t hesitate to find out how to give it a new lease of life with our mattress cleaning guide or shop our range of comfortable mattresses available.

Step 7: Vacuum every nook and cranny

Now is the time to put to good use all of those different vacuum attachments you might not usually get out. If you can, pull out as much furniture as you can so that every inch of the floor gets a good vacuum, and don’t shy away from using the crevice attachment to get into hard to reach corners and spaces.

Step 8: Swap out your seasonal wardrobe

Once the room is clean, you can go through your wardrobe to swap out seasonal pieces. Is it time to put the winter coats into storage and bring summer dresses closer to the front of your rails?

If you have an ottoman bed or other storage bed, now is also the time to rotate what you store in this extra space. Swap out winder duvets for summer quilts, and utilise this space for any other winter season decorations you won’t need for the rest of the year.

Step 9: Bring out the charity bags

While rotating your wardrobe, you should also make a donation pile to trim down your space. Whether it's clothing that no longer fits rights, isn’t your style or just something you have too many styles of, take the time to think about what you can donate to charity. This simple step will free space in your bedroom and your mind!

Step 10: Add the finishing touches

Finally, you can add the finishing touches to your new spring bedroom. Put on fresh bedding more appropriate for the new season, rehang your linens and think about what else you might want to add to create a homely atmosphere.

From candles and diffusers to your current reads, don’t be afraid to adorn and replenish your nightstand with a couple of essentials.

Why is spring cleaning important?

Although we don’t need to spring clean for the same reasons we did in the past, it is still a good practice that will breathe new life into your home.

Spring cleaning is an excellent way to elevate your home, especially your bedroom, where a good night's sleep depends on you feeling peaceful and comfortable.

5 benefits of spring cleaning your bedroom:

1. Increase productivity

By clearing out your bedroom and removing any clutter, you can improve productivity. You will no longer have to rifle through your wardrobe and drawers for misplaced items, making getting ready for the day a much quicker and easier process.

2. Improve your health

Did you know that doing a deep spring clean of your bedroom will remove allergens in your room that you may not ordinarily get to?

3. Out with the old

One of the most freeing parts of spring cleaning is purging your bedroom of the useless clutter you no longer need. Whether it's decoration or furniture that no longer sees use, freeing up space physically will also help you to declutter your mind figuratively.

4. Reunite with lost items

Spring cleaning is all about getting organised, and while it's out with the old, you may also find yourself reuniting with items you might have thought were lost forever.

Whether it's your favourite pair of tights or a book you didn’t quite finish, you might recover a lost treasure or two during your next spring clean.

5. Feel happier

Finally, our favourite benefit of spring cleaning your bedroom is that you will feel happier once it is done. After all, studies show that a clean and tidy home makes people feel better, and the sense of satisfaction that you get from cleaning your bedroom will instantly uplift your mood and carry you through spring.

Creating your dream bedroom

We hope that our guide to creating a spring-ready bedroom helps you fall back in love with your space. However, we understand that sometimes you just need a little bit more of a refresh to create a bedroom that you truly love.

So, if you’re looking for more ways to makeover your bedroom, shop our collection of stylish and on-trend beds, mattresses and bedroom furniture on offer. Our popular range has everything you need to create an aesthetic atmosphere you’ll never want to leave.


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