What is The Difference Between a Cabin Bed, a Mid Sleeper and a High Sleeper?

What is The Difference Between a Cabin Bed, a Mid Sleeper and a High Sleeper?
With the multitude of options available, picking the right bed for your little one’s bedroom can sometimes seem like an impossible task. At Noa & Nani we like to make sure that all of the family are catered for, which is why there are so many different beds for you to choose from – even for your children’s bedroom. To make your decisions easier, we’re going to break down the difference between a cabin bed, mid sleeper and a high sleeper, to provide you with the perfect ways to save space and transform your child’s bedroom into their own little haven.

Cabin Beds

Cabin beds are the perfect choice if you’re shopping for a smaller bedroom. With a fair amount of storage space waiting to be utilised underneath, these beds are an ideal way to eliminate having to choose between a bed or drawers – giving you the best of both worlds! Your little one can make the space their own with choices of having a built-in desk, storage space or even to keep a minimalist look without any clutter! Cabin beds are most ideal for those little ones who still appreciate being tucked in at night, as the height is just right for you to read them a bedtime story; lower than both mid and high sleepers! The free space can not only be filled with your child’s imagination but, your teenager’s homework too, making them useful and ideal for your child of any age. Cabin beds don’t offer as much space as mid or high sleepers, so if you’re looking to fit more freestanding furniture in the space it might be best to keep exploring your options!mid-sleeper cabin bed with desk

Mid Sleepers

The mid sleeper bed is the perfect in-between: the ideal way to personalise your child’s bedroom and make it their own. The thing we love most about the mid-sleeper are the endless amount of space options that come with them. From our range of midsleepers you can find beds with built-in desks, bookshelves and drawers, all fitted underneath for you and your young ones to utilise the full space available in their bedroom. For your even smaller ones we have a huge range of themed mid sleepers decorated with tents, castles and treehouses to bring their imaginations to life! We even replace some ladders with slides to truly transport the playground right into the bedroom. jungle-themed tree house, midsleeper cabin bed

High Sleepers

High sleepers are the perfect solution for when you want to help your children to feel more grown up. They are quite simply just a higher cabin bed that allows you to utilise even more of the room’s space and gives your children access to an even bigger area to study, play or chill out. Our range of high sleepers allow your young ones to create their own little world under their beds, with shelving options and desks for them to create a whole office space right in their bedroom. High sleepers fully maximise the room’s space by using up more of the ceiling level airspace, to leave the normal-level for you to fit more freestanding furniture and store the rest of your child’s belongings. It’s vital you do some measuring up before you purchase one of our high sleepers, so you’re not left disappointed! High sleeper cabin bed with ladder and desk

What should you consider before choosing?

The storage space you require

Before you decide what bed is best for your child’s room, think about the stuff they own (yes, all of it) and decide what type of storage they will need. Consider if they need space for shelves, drawers or a wardrobe, so you can assess which bed provides you with the best space to fit this furniture in!

How practical is this bed for the room?

Bedrooms come in all shapes and sizes and not all of these styles of bed will be practical with the dimensions of the space you’re filling. Distances between doors, windows, ceilings or walls, will decipher whether a high-sleeper is a viable option over a standard cabin bed. Make sure you properly measure up and check out the bed dimensions before you purchase so your little ones aren’t left too disappointed.

The age of your children

Most of our children’s bed ranges are perfect for any age, but you might want to consider your child’s age when thinking about how safe your bed choice would be for them. Undeniably, your little ones will try to opt for the highest bed they can (because taller = cooler, obviously) but from a safety point it’s important to follow some procedures to make sure their own space is also a safe one! Your child’s bedroom should be a space where you can let them roam happily and carefree, so it’s important you pick an age appropriate bed for their room.


The main thing our beds will bring your children is fun! With an incredible range of themes available for your young ones to choose: from fairies, to diggers, to army camo, to study spaces, to play tents, you can easily transform their space from bedtime to playtime whenever you want. Our beds will make rainy day play (which is a lot more often in England than we’d probably like) even more exciting as your little one’s bedroom can become an epicentre for their imagination. As you can probably tell, despite all these different names, all three options are very similar styles of bed that can provide you and your child with more space and more options! Whichever one you choose, you’ll be provided with an attractive, space-saving solution that will transport your little one into whatever world they choose to inhabit. Whether they use their extra space to study, play or hide away, our range of children’s beds will provide your infants with the ideal space for them to make their own. Explore our varied range of children’s beds from themed cabin beds, treehouse beds, cabin beds with slides and more, and make your child’s bedroom interesting and fun today!

Article by Alex Tolofson