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We’re in love with gorgeous greys…

This season it’s out with monochrome and pastels, and in with sophisticated hues. We’re talking about the super chic and modern tone – grey. If you’ve been pining over these inspirational decors, you’ll agree that this serene shade is definitely the colour of the moment.

Here at Noa and Nani, we’ve put together some ideas of our own on how you can create the ultimate grey haven.

Block Colours
Grey painted rooms don’t have to be dark and heavy. By simply painting one area grey rather than the whole room, you can instantly transform any suite into a stylish and sleek space. If you’re struggling to decide what wall to paint grey, we suggest choosing the main focal point. For example, in the living area this could be the wall where your fireplace sits, and in your bedroom the wall where your bed is situated. If you’re looking to create an area that allows you to unwind and relax, this is definitely the option for you.

If you want to go all out, why not use a palette of greys to create a light, comforting contrast. If one wall is dark grey, then brighten up the rest of the room by using lighter shades on the other walls. In addition to paint, you can also add accessories and furniture to create your ideal grey colour scheme.

Our silk grey and dark pine table gives any living area an elegant and contemporary feel. Not only does this piece blend into your grey theme, but the contrasting two-tone design is extremely eye-catching and oozes luxury.

Another staple piece that effortlessly blends the shades of grey together is our silk grey bunk beds. This simple item adds class to any bedroom and the light tone of the wood will complement a variety of colour schemes, just in case you choose to redecorate in the future.

Finishing Touches

If you’re looking to give your home a quick and instant update at an affordable price, then why not paint the skirting boards. In open-plan rooms with light walls and flooring, these small grey details will modernises your decor throughout your home. Make sure you keep your grey suites feeling comfortable and plush by mixing textures, such as knitted cushions with faux fur throws.

What are your thoughts on the colour grey? How would you incorporate this shade into your home?

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