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    Sustainable Dining Room Ideas

    If the kitchen is the heart of your home, then we believe that the dining room is the soul. A place where we celebrate special occasions, toast events and generally just…

  • Decorate

    How to Create a Kid-Friendly Dining Room

    Whether you have just moved into your new home or you’re getting ready to welcome a new arrival to the family, you might have found yourself wondering what to do with…

  • Decorate

    5 Neutral Dining Room Ideas

    A neutral dining room ensures an atmosphere that doesn’t need to shout to be heard. Made for entertaining, allow your guest’s chatter and laughter to fill the room rather than relying…

  • Decorate

    Dining Table Buyers Guide

    At Noa & Nani, we believe that the dining area is the heart of your home. Where families re-group in the evening to catch up and talk about their days, where…

  • Decorate

    10 Tips to Accessorise your Dining Room

    The right furniture makes a house a home, but adding the right accessories gives your home character and life. If you have found yourself struggling with ideas of how to create…

  • Decorate

    Kids Safari Bedroom Ideas

    Is your child adventurous by nature? Then make sure to encourage their creativity and imagination by helping them build their fantasy escape in their bedroom. A child’s bedroom is their own…

  • Decorate

    Children’s Nautical Bedroom Ideas

    Whether you’re decorating a holiday home or just want to update your children’s bedroom, we have all of the ideas to help you create a children’s nautical themed bedroom. Whether your…