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sleeper 24/03/2017

Who gets the most sleep in your house?

Who gets the most sleep in your house? Well, according to research published this month, in families with children it tends to be the dads who enjoy the most slumber and younger mums with children who get the least sleep. If you’re at the stage where your toddler has started allowing you the odd lie in past 6am and you’re thinking about adding to your family, you may want to brace yourself. Research conducted by Georgia Southern University found that for every new bundle of joy they add to the... Read More

pests that can disturb sleep 28/02/2017

Pests that can disturb your sleep

It’s not just noise that can disturb sleep, allergens and other pests can make it difficult for adults, as well as children, to get the sleep they need each night. Some of these disturbances can also cause health problems. Sleep allergens The most common allergen that affects sleep is dust mites. Some people can be allergic to these tiny pests (only a quarter of a millimetre long), creating an uncomfortable sleeping situation. There are many products that can help to reduce the growth of dust mites, such as anti-allergy pillows,... Read More

child sleep facts 24/02/2017

Child sleep facts for National Bed Month

Some children love sleep while for others their Pirate Cabin bed is the scene of regular battles at bedtime.  March marks National Bed Month here in the UK, so we thought we’d take the opportunity to share some information about child’s sleep. Who knows, you may be able to use these facts to get the sleep averse youngsters to sleep longer… Sleep fact 1 As adults, we have two alertness peaks during a day – one in the morning and one in early evening. Children have the same peaks as we adults,... Read More

toy box 13/02/2017

Do you have a place for everything?

Childhood is all about learning new things, being creative and having as much fun as possible. However, as we discussed in our recent SOS storage post, this doesn’t always go hand-in-hand with tidiness! A must-have piece of furniture to keep bedrooms at their best is the toy box but it’s not just the youngest members of the family who can benefit from this interiors essential. A place for everything Toy boxes are excellent for tidying away the hoard of kiddy clutter that accumulate as time goes by. Our styles allow you to pack away the cuddly toys,... Read More

gardening in winter 13/02/2017

Brave the cold and get gardening this winter!

Although you won’t be able to catch many rays while gardening in winter, there’s still plenty of work that can be done over this chilly period. All you need to do is wrap up warm, take a hot drink to keep you company and have a plan of action ready to follow. A little bit of hard work now will pay dividends come summertime and there are some seriously stylish garden accessories to be snapped up at great prices at the moment too. The gardening ‘to do’ list First thing’s first... Read More

pexels-photo-168866 15/01/2017

Are your kids having a storage SOS?

No matter how big your home is, kids seem to have a canny knack of sucking up all the space in it by scattering their belongings here, there and everywhere! This problem can be even worse at the start of the year after the addition of new toys and clothes at Christmas. If you’re fed up of finding everything pushed under the bed or stuffed in a drawer when its time for a tidy up, check out our storage solutions which are pretty and practical… Bed pockets How often do you... Read More

holidays-dinner-eating-lunch 10/01/2017

Grab your apron, it’s dinner party season!

After the fun, sparkle and socialising of the festive period, January and February can seem like dark, dreary months. But however tempting it might be to cosy up in front of the TV on an evening, now is a great time to enjoy good food and company from the comfort of your home. Keep costs low At this time of year the average household is perhaps likely to have odds and ends of spirit bottles that can be put to imaginative use in welcome drinks rather than banished to the... Read More

pexels-photo-257910 24/12/2016

4 Christmas morning traditions

For many, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and it’s a combination of many little things that make it so. From taking the kids to visit Santa to settling down to Christmas dinner, there are lots of special moments to treasure, some of which may be totally unique to your own family. Do you have your own Christmas traditions that you look forward to every year? Here we round up some of the popular traditions that many little ones take part in when they climb out of... Read More

Print 29/11/2016

Introducing our new look Noa and Nani site

You might have noticed that our lovely website has taken on a fresh new look recently. The site itself has a much cleaner, whiter and brighter appearance, making it even easier for you to discover and explore our collection. In addition, there’s also been a change to the Noa and Nani brand logo, which has taken on a nautical edge with the inclusion of two small whales within the logo. So, what’s it all about? Furniture for the family At Noa and Nani, we’re incredibly proud to be known primarily... Read More

Spooky bedroom decor suggestions 28/10/2016

Spooky Bedroom Decor Suggestions

Halloween is fast approaching and this year it’s time to get your children involved in the festivities. While we decorate our hallways and host parties, we think it would be a fantastic idea to create a spooky, but safe, area so your child can also have fun this Halloween. A Spook-tastic Spot It’s important that your child isn’t scared during this holiday and a way to ensure this is to create an area that’s fun while following the Halloween spirit. This pirate tent cabin bed or pirate tunnel  are the... Read More