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popcorn-movie-party-entertainment 14/06/2017

Making Dad feel special this Father’s Day

On the day made for all father’s around the world, spend some time making yours feel special with some sweet gestures and thoughtful gifts. Think about all the things your Dad does for you – for one day, you need to make him feel spoiled and appreciated! Even if you won’t be with your Dad on Father’s Day itself, having something planned sometime afterwards will still show you care. It’s the effort put in that really makes it… An afternoon out Planning an afternoon out as a surprise is sure... Read More

nap nooks 21/05/2017

Creating nap nooks

The National Sleep Foundation says that more than 85% of mammalian species are polyphasic sleepers – meaning that they sleep for short bursts throughout the day – while humans are in the 15% of monophasic sleepers whose days are defined by a sleep period and an awake period. However, napping is a strong part of many cultures as well as something young children and elderly persons make part of the daily routine. The benefits of napping A short nap during the day can restore alertness and enhance performance – giving... Read More

bath-splashing-ducks-joy-160992 15/05/2017

Fun and functional home features for kids

How annoying is it when the kids just won’t budge from their bedrooms when you call them down to dinner? We recently came across this story about a 20ft slide that runs directly into the kitchen from the bedrooms of the children of the house. This fun and functional home feature reminded us of our own themed cabin beds, which can be great tools in persuading reluctant bed-goers to head upstairs. Then we started thinking about other fun and functional additions that we could make around the home to give... Read More

bunk beds 14/04/2017

The politics of bunk beds

As anyone who shared a room with a brother or sister will know, this is both an awesome and drama-filled experience. While comforting (and often fun) to always have someone around, siblings will begin to grate on one another, prompting some disagreements and rules being set! If you have opted for a bunk bed for your little ones, be aware that there will be some politics involved in the sharing of this space… The benefits of bunk beds Having bunk beds in your children’s room is fantastic for freeing up... Read More

mother's day 25/03/2017

Ideas for Celebrating Mother’s Day at Home

Missed the boat with online delivery and can’t face a slap dash panic buy at the shops? Don’t fret, Mother’s Day can still be fantastic with some thoughtful gestures and homemade treats. Expensive gifts and personalised cards are great, but the effort put into something made by you will be much more special to the one who raised you. Make some memories with this selection of ideas for celebrating Mother’s Day at home. Some extra zzzzzz Having no alarm and no to-do list is the best way to start the... Read More

sleeper 24/03/2017

Who gets the most sleep in your house?

Who gets the most sleep in your house? Well, according to research published this month, in families with children it tends to be the dads who enjoy the most slumber and younger mums with children who get the least sleep. If you’re at the stage where your toddler has started allowing you the odd lie in past 6am and you’re thinking about adding to your family, you may want to brace yourself. Research conducted by Georgia Southern University found that for every new bundle of joy they add to the... Read More

pests that can disturb sleep 28/02/2017

Pests that can disturb your sleep

It’s not just noise that can disturb sleep, allergens and other pests can make it difficult for adults, as well as children, to get the sleep they need each night. Some of these disturbances can also cause health problems. Sleep allergens The most common allergen that affects sleep is dust mites. Some people can be allergic to these tiny pests (only a quarter of a millimetre long), creating an uncomfortable sleeping situation. There are many products that can help to reduce the growth of dust mites, such as anti-allergy pillows,... Read More

child sleep facts 24/02/2017

Child sleep facts for National Bed Month

Some children love sleep while for others their Pirate Cabin bed is the scene of regular battles at bedtime.  March marks National Bed Month here in the UK, so we thought we’d take the opportunity to share some information about child’s sleep. Who knows, you may be able to use these facts to get the sleep averse youngsters to sleep longer… Sleep fact 1 As adults, we have two alertness peaks during a day – one in the morning and one in early evening. Children have the same peaks as we adults,... Read More

toy box 13/02/2017

Do you have a place for everything?

Childhood is all about learning new things, being creative and having as much fun as possible. However, as we discussed in our recent SOS storage post, this doesn’t always go hand-in-hand with tidiness! A must-have piece of furniture to keep bedrooms at their best is the toy box but it’s not just the youngest members of the family who can benefit from this interiors essential. A place for everything Toy boxes are excellent for tidying away the hoard of kiddy clutter that accumulate as time goes by. Our styles allow you to pack away the cuddly toys,... Read More

gardening in winter 13/02/2017

Brave the cold and get gardening this winter!

Although you won’t be able to catch many rays while gardening in winter, there’s still plenty of work that can be done over this chilly period. All you need to do is wrap up warm, take a hot drink to keep you company and have a plan of action ready to follow. A little bit of hard work now will pay dividends come summertime and there are some seriously stylish garden accessories to be snapped up at great prices at the moment too. The gardening ‘to do’ list First thing’s first... Read More