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Kids Bedroom Ideas: The Inspiration Hub

The perfect child’s bedroom has the power to inspire, engage and excite. But where do you find the inspiration to help you create such a room? 

We’ll give you a hint, you’ve already found it!

You’ve arrived at the very centre of our kids’ bedroom ideas hub, which we’re always updating with fresh new ideas on how to decorate kids’ bedrooms with a difference. From handy storage tips to imaginative themes and furniture inspiration, you’ll find everything you need to help you create the perfect sleep and play space for kids of all ages. 

Childrens Bedroom Decor Ideas

Hello Kitty Themed Bedroom

For the love of all things pink, follow our guide to design the perfect bedroom decor for your little Hello-Kitty lovers that can bring their favourite cartoon character right to them.

How To Transform Your Child’s Bedroom Into A Winter Wonderland

Give your children the best of both worlds this winter by bringing the beauty of winter into the warmth of your home. Follow our steps and create the perfect winter wonderland bedroom today.

Jungle Look: 5 Easy Tips for Creating a Jungle Bedroom Theme

The ideal decor to keep your little explorers happy; follow our steps and create a budget-friendly jungle-themed room that will make your children’s imaginative adventures a reality.

Twos Company Creative Shared-Bedroom Ideas For Kids

Find the best ways to make the most out of a small bedroom space; from bunk beds to storage, read our top tips on making a shared-bedroom a bit more roomy.

Tips For Creating A Pirate Themed Bedroom

Arrgh, a pirate’s life for them! Follow our guide for the perfect pirate themed bedroom; from a cabin bed ship to a toy box treasure chest, bring nautical adventures to life.

Perfect Princess Themed Bedroom Ideas

Forget castles and moats and make your children’s bedroom into the new place fit for a princess. From exciting adventures to an enchanting night’s sleep, follow our tips for a princess themed bedroom.

Army Themed Bedroom Tips

Create a base camp of dreams, by following our tips, and create an army headquarters fit for a soldier. Full of camouflage and camaraderie, these bedroom ideas are fun and creative for all.

Fun Fairytale Bedroom Ideas

Provide your little ones with their own space to bring magical worlds and mystical beasts of their imaginations to life by transforming their bedroom into a fairytale hub of fantasy.

Kids Bedroom Essentials

Cabin Beds

More than just a bed, a cabin bed adds extra under-bed storage space while creating a more fun and engaging sleep space for kids of all ages.

Mid Sleepers

The bunk of a mid-sleeper bed sits higher than a traditional bed, but lower than a bunk bed or high-sleeper bed. Ideal for small bedrooms with limited floor space.

Bunk Beds

The classic bunk bed allows for two or three children to share a bedroom at any one time; perfect for siblings, slumber parties and sleepovers.

Single Beds

The traditional kids’ bed design with an elegant, contemporary twist. Our single beds are ideal for older children or bedrooms with limited space.


When space is at a premium, our kids’ desks are the perfect solution. Built in to the designs of our cabin beds, these kids desks make excellent study stations for bedrooms.

Toy Boxes

Stow and store all your kids’ toys, books and other knick-knacks to keep their bedrooms neat and tidy with our kids’ toy boxes, all painted and finished to perfection.


Perfect for growing fashionistas, our kids’ wardrobes come in a range of sizes and make the ideal storage option for your little ones’ clothing collections.

Storage Solutions

From special shelving units designed to hook onto our cabin beds to handy cabinets that slot neatly underneath them, our kids bedroom storage solutions range has everything your child needs for a tidy bedroom.

Cabin Beds

Bunk Beds

Furniture Buying Guides

Struggling to find the right piece of furniture? Take a look at our buying guides to help you choose which is the best option for you and your little ones.

Cabin Bed Buying Guide

Decided you want a cabin bed for your little one? Let us guide you through the buying process with our handy feature-by-feature buying guide.

The Family Bed Buying Guide

In this guide we've set out the many bed style options to help you choose the right bed for every member of the family, from mum and dad to the kids and even the spare room.

How to Choose a Hypoallergenic Mattress

Once you've chosen your beds you'll need to choose the perfect mattress, and a hypoallergenic mattress is the perfect way to go for the whole family. Use our guide to choose the right one for your needs.