Most Popular Kids Bedroom Themes

Most Popular Kids Bedroom Themes

Here at Noa & Nani, we love kid’s themed bedrooms and think they create an immersive and comfortable environment for little ones to learn and grow.

This is why we have put together many theme guides in the past to inspire our readers with hints, tips and advice on bringing children’s themes to life. Plus, with our wide range of children’s bedroom furniture available in a plethora of designs and styles, you can find all of the furniture you need to create your child’s dream bedroom.

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Why it’s beneficial to decorate your child’s room

When it comes to decorating a child’s room, you may be dubious to stick with one theme. After all, children develop so quickly, and their interests are ever-changing. However, there are many benefits to decorating children’s rooms and making them a fun, cosy and enriching space for them to spend time.

Children’s rooms are their own little sanctuary and their first taste of independence, away from communal spaces in the house. Plus, when you let them get involved with choosing the theme, they feel they have ownership and responsibility for the space (which might help keep it tidy!). It also gives children a sense of self-esteem, and they feel that you respect and support their opinions and decisions.

Children might choose any number of themes for their bedroom, but which ones are most commonly searched for online? We looked into data from UK Pinterest users to find out.


While many children have a favourite colour, others might be more indecisive. This is where a rainbow-themed bedroom could be perfect for your little one. Each colour of the rainbow can have different effects on little brains. For example, blue and green are calming, orange is said to encourage critical thinking, and yellow is an all-around happy shade - what’s not to love?

A rainbow theme is a popular choice, with a 24.74% increase in Pinterest searches in the last year. This theme can be easily altered as your child grows. Swapping bright shades for more muted, pastel hues, for example.


Empowering, caring and brave, princesses are great role models to little ones, and a princess-themed bedroom is a perfect opportunity to make them feel like one!

This magical theme came in just ahead of rainbows, with an uplift of 28.66% searches per person on average from last year. The princess theme can work for older and very young children. The Kara Poster Bed Frame is an excellent option for a dreamy sleeping spot. Add fairy lights and sheer curtains to truly give your child the royal treatment, and make their bed a fun environment for play and sleep.


Space is fascinating to children, and it's easy to see why. There are endless stars, colours, planets, asteroids, and so much more to discover, so a bedroom inspired by space is sure to be a stimulating, enriching and fun place for your child to spend their time. Clearly, space is a highly requested bedroom theme, with an uplift in Pinterest searches of 34.65% on average since last year.

Although there are endless possibilities for creating a space-themed bedroom, you can begin with a range of accessories, such as a star rug, to make sure your child is going to like the theme before you go all out for your little astronaut!


Ahead of space came the dinosaur theme, with an average increase in searches of 44% since last year. An interest in the pre-historic offers a great opportunity for learning about these incredible creatures and what our planet was like all those millions of years ago!

All the toys and dinosaur books will need a place to live, and our Hege Double Shelf is perfect for storing them all. Plus, as your child’s interests develop, this shelving can be adapted to their needs.


If you’ve got a little fanatic on your hands, they’ll love nothing more than a bedroom full of their favourite sport. Depending on what team your child supports, the team colours might not lend themselves to a full re-paint. However, there is plenty of ways to incorporate the team into the room design.

With football-themed bedrooms being so popular, with an average increase in Pinterest searches of 59.18%, plenty of accessories are available to spruce up their space. Pillows, bedspreads, rugs, clocks, and even light fittings donning team colours and badges will have your child feeling like a number-one fan in no time!


A safari theme might be perfect for their bedroom if you’ve got a little explorer on your hands. This theme was the top choice, with an uplift in Pinterest searches of a whopping 69.14% since last year! The Christopher Treehouse Bed is incredible for creating a truly immersive safari theme and saving space, too, with plenty of room underneath for storage.

This theme is ideal for getting your little one involved in crafts too. Leaves, plants and garlands are all perfect for the safari theme and great fun to craft at home on a rainy day. Plus, the green hues and natural theme help create a calming atmosphere, so when they’re not having an adventure playtime, they can wind down in the evening.

Find further inspiration for children’s rooms at Noa & Nani, with a great selection of themed beds, furniture and accessories to choose from. Plus, be sure to visit our kid's bedroom inspiration hub for a one-stop-shop of great ideas!

Article by Alex Tolofson