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How to Choose the Right Bed: A Buying Guide

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Buying a bed? Our bed buying guide will help you find the right bed to suit your entire family’s needs, taking into account everything from the style and your storage needs to the size of your rooms.

Whether you’re shopping for an adult bed or on the hunt for the perfect sleeping space for your children, our bed buying guide has all the wisdom you’re going to need.

Standard Bed Sizes and Types

how to choose the right bed - double bed

Ideal for: Couples and adults with limited bedroom space

Standard double beds measure 4 feet and 6 inches (approx 137cm) in width and 6 feet 3 inches (190 cm) in length, though some double bed frames exceed these dimensions slightly depending on the design. We advise allowing an extra 4 inches (10cm) in length and width to ensure your double bed frame will fit in your space. Our double bed frames are made from quality pine and are designed to be easy to assemble, making them a solid choice for convenience, style and value for money. If you do have more space to spare, try a kingsize or super kingsize bed instead.

how to choose the right bed - adult single

Ideal for: Very small bedrooms and guest rooms

Single beds are, of course, the best option for bedroom space-saving. Standard single beds measure just 3 feet (91cm) in width and 6 feet 3 inches (190cm) in length. For adults not requiring a double bed, a single bed frame is ideal as it can be easily pushed up against a wall to free up central room space. Quick to assemble, highly affordable and refreshingly simple in design, our single bed frames are a no-brainer if you’re looking to create a minimalist, clean-lined room with an elegant, pared-back feel.

how to choose the right bed - pullout beds and day beds

Day Beds & Pullout Beds

Ideal for: Guest bedrooms

Day beds and pullout trundle beds are the ideal choices if you’re buying a bed for a guest bedroom or frequently have multiple guests staying at your home. Day beds are usually designed in the same style and size as a single bed with additional back and armrests, meaning you can use it as a sofa by day and as a bed by night. Pullout beds work in a similar way, often designed like daybeds but with an additional single bed trundle conveniently stored underneath that can quickly be pulled out and put away again. This means you can sleep two guests at once, but without using as much floor space during the day.

how to choose the right bed - storage beds

Storage Beds

Ideal for: Small bedrooms & guest bedrooms

Storage beds are designed to function just like standard beds, but with additional storage solutions cleverly built in. This means you can make the best use of small bedrooms without having to compromise on comfort, space or style. Storage beds come in all sizes and styles from beds with built-in drawers to cabinets and shelving; perfect if you have limited storage space for items such as clothing or bedding. These beds are also highly popular for creating a minimal, uncluttered look in a bedroom as it eliminates the need for additional, separate pieces of storage furniture.

That’s it for the grownups. Now you know how to choose the right bed to suit your bedroom size, style and requirements, you can explore the full range of beds at Noa & Nani until you find the right one. Not done yet? Continue reading to see our bed buying guide for kids’ beds.


Choosing Children's Beds

buying a bed for children - kids single bed

Kids' Single Beds

Ideal for: Small bedrooms

Kids’ single beds are usually the same length and width as a standard single bed (91 x 190cm), which is ideal for growing children as there will be no need to size up. This style is the perfect choice when buying a bed for box rooms and small bedrooms where play space is limited. Single beds take up very little space in your child’s room while creating a stylishly minimal aesthetic that they will never grow out of.

choosing the right bed - single bunk beds for children

Kids' Single Bunk Beds

Ideal for: Siblings and sleepovers in small bedrooms

Standard single bunk beds offer the same minimal floor space occupancy as single beds, simply with an additional bed stacked on top. If you’re buying a bed for siblings sharing a room or simply wish to provide a permanent extra space for friends sleeping over, the bunk bed is a highly convenient and affordable choice. Often available in classic ladder designs or with fun slides for an additional playtime element, these beds are incredibly versatile and are much-loved by children.

choosing a bed for kids - triple bunk beds

Kids’ Triple Bunk Beds

Ideal for: Siblings and sleepovers in larger bedrooms

Got a little extra floor space? Triple bunk bed designs make buying a bed for multiple children a breeze. Triple bunks come in two main design styles: the vertical triple bunk (ideal if you have enough ceiling height) and the single bunk stacked on top of double bed design (better suited to lower ceilings and more available floor space). Whether you’ve got several siblings sharing a bedroom or simply need extra sleepover space, triple bunks are fantastic furniture investments if you have the space.

buying a bed for children - choosing a cabin bed

Cabin Beds

Ideal for: Themed bedrooms

Cabin beds are by far the most exciting and storage-handy of all kids’ bed designs. Available in mid sleeper and high sleeper designs as well as with slides, ladders, desks, tents and tunnel add-ons, these styles are ideal when buying a bed for a themed bedroom. Usually only designed to sleep one child, though with some bunk bed and pullout bed variations available, cabin beds usually feature storage and play areas beneath the bed, helping to make maximum use of bedroom space.

And don't forget the mattress!


A bed simply isn't a bed without a mattress! Use our guide to choosing a hypoallergenic mattress to help you find the perfect mattress to suit your bed and your needs.

We hope this bed buying guide has been useful in helping you find the perfect bed to suit your family’s needs. If you’d like any further advice on how to choose the right bed or if you have any questions about Noa & Nani products, please don’t hesitate to call the team on 01303 872957.