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Which Cabin Bed Should I Buy? [Types, Tips & Themes]

white treehouse bed with foliage - where to buy a cabin bed

Thinking of buying a cabin bed for your little ones but don’t know where to start? We here at Noa & Nani are the ultimate cabin bed experts, and our collection has a huge range of options for you to choose from. Alternatively, if you’ve found this guide while searching for general ideas on which type of kids’ bed to buy, try our buyer’s guide on how to choose the perfect bed first. 

If you know you definitely want to buy a cabin bed, but you’re not sure which type and style you need, work your way through our cabin bed buying guide below to help you decide on the perfect bed type, style and theme for your child.

Choose Your Cabin Bed Type

The first step to buying a cabin bed is deciding which general build type you need. Cabin beds generally come in the following four types:

white midsleeper cabin bed - where to buy cabin beds
grey high sleeper cabin bed - where to buy a cabin bed

Mid Sleeper Cabin Beds

Ideal for: Younger children, low ceilings

These are the classic cabin beds that, as the name suggests, places the bed bunk at a mid-level height with space underneath for storage. These are ideal for very young children who may struggle to climb into higher bunks, or for bedrooms with low ceilings. The space below the bunk is best used for storage.

High Sleeper Cabin Beds

Ideal for: Older children, high ceilings

High sleeper cabin beds, as the name suggests, places the bed bunk high up (like the top bunk of a bunk bed), with a taller space beneath. These are most suitable for older children who don’t mind climbing a little higher to reach the bunk, and they work best in bedrooms with slightly higher ceilings to avoid any head bumping. The space beneath is ideal for playtime or for housing tall furniture including wardrobes.

white treehouse cabin bed - where to buy cabin beds
white shorty cabin bed - where to buy a cabin bed

Treehouse Cabin Beds

Ideal for: All ages, playtime

A twist on the classic cabin bed, a treehouse cabin bed features a full four-sided design to create a cosy, enclosed sleeping bunk. Available in mid sleeper and low sleeper types, cabin beds are ideal for children of all ages and make perfect combined sleep and play spaces, while retaining that all-important under-bed storage space.

Shorty Cabin Beds

Ideal for: Very young children

Shorty cabin beds are the idea choice when buying a cabin bed for very young children who are just making the transition from their baby bed or cot to a full-size bed. As the name suggests, a shorty cabin bed is slightly shorter than standard bed frames, measuring just 170cm in length rather than the standard 202cm, perfect for your littlest sleepers. Please note: shorty cabin beds will require a shorty mattress to fit inside the frame.



Choose Your Cabin Bed Add-ons

Now that you’ve chosen the type of cabin bed you’d like to buy, it’s time to think about the style and add-ons you think your child will need and prefer. You can buy cabin beds with
various kinds of access options as well as handy furniture add-ons:

white cabin bed with ladder - where to buy cabin beds
white cabin bed with a slide - where to buy a cabin bed
white cabin bed with desk attached - where to buy cabin beds

Cabin Beds with Ladders

Ideal for: Space saving

The classic form of access style for cabin beds is the humble ladder. Simple and easy to use, cabin beds with ladder access take up the least amount of floor space as ladders are installed vertically or near-vertically against the bed frame.

Cabin Beds with Slides

Ideal for: Larger bedrooms

If you have a little more space to play with, cabin beds with slides are an extra-fun addition to your child’s bedroom. Always installed in conjunction with a ladder to ensure children can get into the bed safely, the slide is placed at the foot of the bed for a more enjoyable way of getting out of bed in the morning.

Cabin Beds with Desks

Ideal for: School-age children, space saving

If your child needs a dedicated work space for homework, a cabin bed with a desk is the perfect choice. Not only does this provide your child with somewhere to work, but the compact design also helps save space in smaller bedrooms where there isn’t room for a separate, full-size desk.



Choose a Cabin Bed Theme

Once you’ve got an idea of the type and format that will best suit your child, it’s time to choose the theme of the cabin bed you want to buy. This is the really fun part, allowing you to match the cabin bed to your child’s personal tastes.
Here are just a few of the cabin bed themes we offer:

cabin bed with army camouflage canvas tent - buy cabin beds
cabin bed with pink princess canvas tent theme - buy cabin beds
cabin bed with yellow digger canvas tent design - buy a cabin bed

Army Theme

Packed with camouflage prints, our army themed cabin bed tents and accessories will help create the perfect cosy hideout for your little soldiers.

Princess Theme

Pretty, pink and perfect for your little royals, our princess fairy themed cabin bed tents will transform your child’s bedtime into a wonderful fairytale adventure.

Digger Theme

Start up the engine and get digging with our digger themed cabin bed tents, transforming your child’s bed into a classic bright yellow digger truck to play in.

cabin bed with pirate canvas tent theme - buy cabin beds
cabin bed with pink fairy canvas tent theme - where to buy a cabin bed
cabin bed with pink Hello Kitty canvas tent theme - where to buy a cabin bed

Pirate Theme

Ahoy there, our pirate themed cabin bed tents and accessories feature pirate hideaway and desert island designs for your seafaring adventurers.

Fairy Theme

Create a magical pink fairy paradise with our fairy cabin bed tent themes, perfect for transforming bedrooms into enchanting fairy dwellings.

Hello Kitty Theme

If your little ones love Hello Kitty, they’ll love these themed cabin bed tent designs, all featuring their favourite feline friend in pretty pink colour schemes.


Not found the theme you’re looking for?



Choose Your Cabin Bed Accessories

The final stage in buying a cabin bed is choosing the accessories to add that final flourish. Our cabin beds come with a variety of accessory options that feature all the themes you’ve just explored above. You can choose from:

Canvas tower for adding to a cabin bed - where to buy cabin beds and accessories
Canvas tunnel for adding to a cabin bed - where to buy cabin beds and accessories

Cabin Bed Towers

Adding height and detail to any cabin bed you buy, these towers are designed to sit over the top of your cabin bed ladder or slide. Featuring a sturdy metal framework with your chosen tower canvas design over the top, these towers are safe, lightweight and easy to assemble.

Cabin Bed Tents

These canvas accessories make up the bulk of your chosen cabin bed’s decorative covering, designed to surround the under-bed space to create a tent-like effect. These are great for neatly hiding away anything stored beneath the bed, or for creating cosy, secret play spaces for the kids.

canvas tunnel for adding to a cabin bed - where to buy cabin beds and accessories
pocket hook adding to a cabin bed - where to buy cabin beds and accessories

Cabin Bed Tunnels

Top tunnels are designed to sit over the top of the cabin bed bunk to create a cosy covered space for your little ones to sleep and play under. Available in solid or windowed designs, our cabin bed tunnels are built with a lightweight plastic tubing frame for safe, easy assembly and use.

Cabin Bed Pockets

These handy pockets are designed with strong Velcro fastenings to allow them to be attached instantly and easily to any cabin bed frame. Featuring three deep pockets, these make ideal storage solutions for toys, books and other nighttime essentials your little ones can’t sleep without.


We hope this guide has been useful in helping you decide which cabin bed to buy.

You can view our full cabin beds range here to begin building your child’s dream bedtime furniture, or call our friendly team on 01303 872957 for help.