White Dining Room Ideas

White Dining Room Ideas
If the time has come to redecorate your dining room, then opting for a clean white finish can be a perfect choice. When done properly, a white dining room decor doesn’t have to feel clinical but instead can feel warm, inviting and can take advantage of everything right about minimal interior design. Forget simplistic and boring dining room decor. Instead, we have the perfect tips to transform one of the family’s most popular rooms into a white haven that exudes the serenity necessary for any family to enjoy every mealtime together. Whether you incorporate our Cantebury, Hever or a different choice of dining room furniture, white dining room decor can bring your space to life.

White Dining Room Walls

The first place to start when decorating any room is usually the walls. Painting your dining room walls white can feel a bit daunting if you’re used to patterns, colours or geometrics, however, white walls can help transform the space you’re working with, in all the best of ways. White dining room walls provide a blank canvas for the rest of the room. You can pair them with your own choice of statement coloured accessories, with traditional wooden furniture or even with a black dining room set to create a more monochrome look, the room instantly becomes open to a range of styles. We’ve put together just a few of the many decor ideas you can follow to complement, accentuate and bring you white dining room walls to life.

Traditional White Dining Room Decor

White Dining Room Decor With Subtle Hues

Break up the white of your walls with a soft grey dining table, utilise the room’s full space and keep its design minimal and easy to the eye. This will make busy tea times and family dinner parties seem less crowded and leave a lot of room space to enjoy each others company without the clutter. Simplicity is key in allowing your white dining room walls to create the calming effect that one of the most used rooms in the house requires. Another way to create the perfect white dining room decor is to opt for a more traditional-looking white dining room furniture set. These can be complemented with light wooden flooring and beautiful neutral colours to create a rustic feel to the whole room. Layer different shades of white throughout the room to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere that is perfect for family gatherings, meal times and even date nights. Grey, 6 seater dining table with bench

Shabby Chic White Dining Room Decor

Continue with the more traditional styles by complementing your layered white hues with different types of wood. Different styles of weathered, vintage-style woods will create the perfect shabby chic look. Pine and white dining room furniture with white wooden flooring will help brighten up your dining room all year round and create a clean, country-style look that never goes out of style. If you feel like this makes the room too neutral then you can accent this style with a pop of colour; whether this is duck-egg blue, bright green plants or something a bit bolder like pink or yellow. This pop will help tie together the rest of the room and will break up the white decor just enough to make a big difference. White, 6-seater dining table with bench

Modern White Decor

White & Black Dining Room Decor

If traditional isn’t quite your thing, then white can be perfect for creating a modern dining room interior decor too. Match your white dining room walls with a jet black dining table, incorporate some shades of grey into your interior via wall art, placemats or your dinner plates and you’re well on your way to creating a modern monochrome interior. Stylish white dining room with a black dining table

White & Metallic Dining Room Decor

Modernise your white dining room by injecting copper or rose gold colour trimmings into the interior design mix. Match your white walls with suede dining sets matched with copper or silver legs and allow the white to accent the contemporary flair of your furniture. Bring the metallic shades to life and form an industrial, ultra-modern feel to your already timeless white dining room.

White Dining Room Decor With Contrasting Colours

White dining room decor doesn’t have to mean all white everything; if you’ve painted your dining room walls white and matched it with predominantly white furniture, then you can consider everything else in the room as complimentary. Add contrasting colours via co-ordinated dining room chairs, coloured vases atop of your sideboards, brightly coloured place settings, decorative plants or flowers or even a colourful rug. By choosing contrasting colours across all of these aspects of your dining room, you’ll create a hub of bright colours, and that is inviting and wholesome for the whole family to enjoy. white dining room with a neutral coloured dining table

Why A White Dining Room Decor Could Be For You

Elongate A Small Space

A white dining room space can be ideal for a range of different styles and shapes of room, but it’s an ideal option for those wishing to create the illusion of a bigger dining room. Smaller spaces can begin to feel overcrowded and become even smaller when you first implement your dining table. Decorating with white interior can help open the space back up, lighten up every corner and create the illusion of a much bigger room.

Brighten A Big Space

If you find yourself with a huge amount of space in your dining room, white dining room decor can help brighten the space. From corner to corner, white dining room decor can help you properly utilise the full space and ensure it reaches its full potential. Pair white walls with low hanging spotlights or bright floor lamps and the reflection will illuminate your entire space so you can make the best of your big dining room. If you’ve got a big family, why not consider a 6-seater white dining table to accompany the brighter room and take full advantage of the space you have.

Create an endless amount of decor styles

The biggest advantage of a white dining room decor is that the style options are endless. If you originally want all-white minimalism but decide later you prefer shabby chic then white dining rooms don’t require much more effort, time or money to redecorate, add to or alter. Working with white walls means you have your white, blank canvas that you can accompany with any interior style that suits you offering a timeless decorated room that can change with your preferences. Ensure that you’re decorating your white dining room to suit both your room and your style. It should be exactly what you and your family are looking for. Whether that’s an open, bright room for you and the children to make the most out of, a traditional, warming country-style space for you and your partner to retreat to after a long day at work or even a modern, contemporary monochrome hub that exudes newness and novelty. Whatever white dining room decor idea you choose, see if you can find any complementary pieces in our Noa & Nani white dining room furniture collection to tie the room together and enjoy meal after meal together.

Article by Alex Tolofson