Two’s Company: Creative Shared Bedroom Ideas for Kids

Two’s Company: Creative Shared Bedroom Ideas for Kids
Two kids sharing a bedroom is incredibly common and often a necessity in most homes. Perhaps you have a new baby on the way, or you needed to convert a bedroom into an office or other essential space – whatever the reason, many households end up needing to get creative with space when it comes to kids’ bedrooms. Here at Noa & Nani, we’re experts in making the most out of space, especially when it comes to kids’ furniture and bedrooms, so we’re here to share our best creative shared bedroom ideas for when your little ones need to become roommates. There are, of course, lots of different scenarios that can occur with kids sharing a room – differences in age and gender, for example – so we’ll cover off each of these most common scenarios in this blog.

1. Shared Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

When you’re short on space, having two children sharing a bedroom can seem like a tall order. But just because a room is small, doesn’t mean you can’t have two siblings sharing perfectly comfortably and without compromising on the imagination or creativity of the space. Here are a few shared bedroom ideas for small rooms to help you create the perfect shared bedroom even with limited space:

Invest in Bunk Beds with Storage

Bunk beds are a must when you’ve got two siblings sharing a small bedroom, as they take up half the floor space of two regular beds. But did you know you can make your space go even further with a bunk bed with built-in storage? kids shared bedroom ideas bunk beds with storage

The Maya Bunk Bed in Grey (also available in white)

From under-bed storage drawers and trundles to clever storage boxes built into the top bunk access stairs – like with the Maya Bunk Bed above – there are lots of options you might not have known even existed until now. These beds truly are lifesavers when it comes to saving on floor space and keeping small shared bedrooms tidy and clutter-free, and they come in all kinds of innovative designs to suit different needs.

Use Extra Bed Storage Accessories

If you’re still short of space or if you can’t invest in a whole new bed just yet, you can still boost space and add adorable decorative touches with things like bunk bed shelves and bed pockets. Designed to effortlessly hook onto the side rails of bunk beds, these ingenious little accessories give each of your little ones their own personal space to store their favourite toys, books and treasures – one each, so no need to share! kids shared bedroom ideas bed storage accessories

Showtime Bed Pockets / Bunk Bed Shelf

2. Shared Bedroom Ideas for Brother and Sister Sharing

Having a boy and a girl sharing the same bedroom is never an ideal long-term solution but, while they’re little, a brother and sister can quite happily share a bedroom in harmony. To help make the experience a little easier for everyone, here are a few handy shared bedroom ideas for a brother and sister sharing:

Try a Room Divider

If floor space allows, a simple room divider can give your little ones a bit of privacy and a sense of ‘their own space’ even in a shared room. Something as simple as a bookshelf can act as a great room divider without making the room feel permanently split or too confined. They effectively separate the room without taking up too much floor space, while also adding extra storage space for books, toys and other items, so you’ll be killing two birds with one stone. Traditional folding room screens are also an option for when you really don’t have the floor space for a shelf.
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Use Play Tents or Bed Tents

Giving each child their own adorable play tent provides a private space to retreat into for some quiet time on their own. This also gives them the opportunity to make their tent entirely their own; filling it with their favourite toys and books like their very own mini bedroom. kids shared bedroom brother and sister sharing play tent

Play Tent with Fuchsia Hearts Design

A bed canopy over one or both beds can also help create the illusion of two separate spaces, as can bed tunnels and bed tents. Not only do they add a great decorative element to the bedroom, but they also provide a bit of privacy – especially important for when a girl and boy are sharing one room. ideas for brother and sister sharing a bedroom

Midsleeper Bed Tents, Towers and Tunnels in Pink and Blue

Let Them Pick Their Colours

Unless you’re sticking to one gender-neutral colour scheme for the whole room, letting each child pick their own colours is a great way to help both kids feel like they have their own space and their own identity regardless of gender or age. This could mean that you split the room into two ‘halves’, each painted differently, or it could mean you have a neutral wall colour and let the children pick the colours of their beds, tents, bedding and other decor.

3. Shared Bedroom Ideas for Different Ages

Sometimes it becomes impossible to avoid having children of significantly different ages (and, therefore, needs) sharing one bedroom. Here are a few essential shared bedroom ideas for when kids of different ages need to share a room.

Opt for an Age-Neutral Theme

When you’ve got children more than 5 years apart in age, their needs and ‘tastes’ are going to be very different. This is why it’s easiest to go for a decor theme that sits on a more neutral plane. A vintage, rustic look is the perfect way to go (think shabby-chic wood effects), or perhaps a low-key nautical theme or even an outdoorsy woodland or nature theme might suit. This helps avoid one of your children feeling out of place in their bedroom.
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Get different-sized beds

If you have an older toddler sharing with a baby, your toddler may be less than impressed with their new roommate. To help them feel a little more enthusiastic about the situation, try making them feel special by progressing them to a bigger bed. This way, they can embrace being the big brother or sister while feeling like they have something of their very own in their shared bedroom.

Got a teen sharing with a younger sibling?

Sure, it’s not ideal, but it happens! Keep things separate and create clear, natural boundaries by using desks, bookshelves and bed curtains to split the bedroom up a bit. This way, your teen can have their own private space and your younger child will be less inclined to wander into areas where they may not be quite so welcome. We hope you found something useful among our shared bedroom ideas for kids. With a little imagination and a few well-placed pieces of furniture, you can keep two or more kids perfectly happy and harmonious in their shared bedroom.

Article by Alex Tolofson