Top Tips for Beating the January Blues

Top Tips for Beating the January Blues
Miserable weather, the dreaded Christmas comedown and nothing to look forward to till spring… January is depressing! But it doesn’t have to be this way. After the hectic festive schedule, January is a brilliant time to relax, unwind and spend a bit of me-time. Alternatively, why not make the most of the New Year freshness and start something new? With a little bit of work, January can be transformed from a miserable month to one that is exciting, life-changing and invigorating! Need some ideas? Read our tips below:


Research proves that surroundings influence your state of mind. From decluttering to repainting, refreshing your home is bound to have a positive impact on your mood. A tidy home equals a tidy mind, so why not start the spring clean early and have a colossal clear out? Alternatively, paint the walls in your house a lighter colour to uplift the vibe and play around with colourful and fun accessories. The January blues will be banished in no time. Malme Set of 2 Nesting Tables, £29.00


It may be a cliché to start a new fitness regime in January, but upping your fitness game is a New Year ritual for a reason! Moving your body releases endorphins, the feel-good hormones, and is an instant hack to brighten your mood. If you can, brave the great outdoors, because there’s nothing quite like a crisp January wind to revitalise your system and blow away those cobwebs. Country walks, morning runs and bike rides with friends are all wonderful ways to get your blood pumping and energy moving.

Try Something New

With Christmas and the New Year but a memory, give yourself something exciting to look forward to by partaking in a new activity. Whether that’s starting a new hobby, learning a new language or visiting a new place, the novel experience will stimulate your mind and distract it from negative thoughts, whilst giving you something interesting to focus on.

Eat Healthily

It comes as no surprise that your body craves health after the indulgence of the festive season. But did you know your brain needs nutrition too? Processed food, sugar and high fatty treats can wreak havoc on your mood and energy, so dig out your blender and whizz up some green smoothies. Use ingredients such as bananas to boost your serotonin levels and nuts or seeds for mood enhancing omega-3 fatty acids. Your energy levels will skyrocket in no time.


Socialise, really? After all those parties and family gatherings? Relax, you don’t need to throw a rip-roaring bash. Simply meeting up with an old friend for an afternoon coffee is beneficial for your mental health. Psychological wellbeing is linked to strong social networks, so don’t turn into a hermit just because it’s January. Making new friends also boosts your happiness – volunteering or attending craft classes are all brilliant ways to meet new peeps. See, January isn’t so bad after all! These simple improvements to your daily routine will create good habits that promise to last all year. Happy January everyone!

Article by Mickey