Tips For Creating A Pirate Themed Bedroom

Tips For Creating A Pirate Themed Bedroom
If you’re looking to update your children’s bedroom, they’re recently loving everything pirate-themed or they’re chomping at the bit to get out on an adventure, then why not let them express this in their own room decor! Transport your child on the journey of their dreams by using this guide to transform your child’s space into a pirate themed hub. Bring their imagination to life from the comfort of your home. Take a look at these pirate bedroom ideas and help your little ones set sail without having to leave the house

1. Transform A Bed Into A Ship

First things first, every captain needs a ship so what would a pirate themed bedroom be without one? Luckily for you at Noa & Nani we offer a range of cabin beds that can easily transport your little one onto the seven seas without you having to leave the house. Make the ship the centerpiece of the room; the base for sleeping, imagination and play, all at once! But, just because your children want to live like pirates it doesn’t mean they can’t still be embraced by the comfort of a good bed. The cabin bed is the perfect alternative to making sure your child’s room has it all. What’s better than just a comfortable bed? One that also has a play area, a.k.a a ship cabin, right beneath it like our Midsleeper Hideaway. If you’re looking for a lighter coloured design our Pirate Pete Midsleeper is the perfect way to incorporate a more friendly-pirate theme into your child’s room. Accessorise any of our cabin beds with our range of pirate themed tents, towers and tunnels and personalise it just to your children’s liking. Each design will bring a piece of the pirate life to your children’s room and will make sailing the choppy seas much more life like. Let them fly their skull and crossbones proudly in their own space and feel like they’re the captain of their own ship today.

2. Walk The Plank?

From Captain Hook to Jack Sparrow, all of our family favourite pirates are nothing without the fear of having to walk the plank. Trying to find a child’s bed with a plank, however, might seem like a difficult (and perhaps dangerous) task. To err on the side of caution whilst still bringing the excitement of the pirate life, why not add a slide to your child’s cabin bed and help make that dreaded ship escape route made into reality. Pirate-themed, light coloured midsleeper cabin bed with ladder and slide

3. Make Sure You Have A Treasure Chest

At the heart of every great pirate is the need and obsession with finding, owning and capturing great treasures of the sea. Your child doesn’t need to be any different! Buy a toy box, similar to our Noa & Nani children’s toy box and accessorise it to be your little one’s treasure chest. Whether you fill it with their favourite toys, teddies, books or games, their treasure chest can be made into anything they love and can be a crucial part of transforming an ordinary room into a nautical themed paradise. Cushion-seated, white storage box

4. Keep Your Treasure Close To You

Pirates sail across wide oceans trying to avoid their enemies, to protect the treasure they’ve acquired and keep it safe. To be like the great pirates of the sea, your little one’s need to keep their most prized treasure close to their own chest, in a safe place and out of sight. The perfect way to do this in their pirate themed bedroom could be by using pocket bed organisers that can easily be attached to the side of their cabin bed, perfect for storing anything your children want to keep close by. Check out our perfectly pirate themed bed pockets, like our Pirate Pete bed organiser or our pirate-themed organiser. Pirate-themed cabin bed pocket organiser

5. Have Space For Your Cargo

Even a pirate needs clothes, and inevitably so will your children! Keep the pirate dream alive by dressing up their chest of drawers or wardrobes as their ship’s cargo. Pick a wooden option that matches the bedroom’s “ship” and don’t jeopardise the style of the room to fit your child’s theme. Square-shaped storage shelves

6. Get The Decor Right

Complete the room by letting the decor follow suit. Opt for nautical blues on the wall and let them complement a pirate-themed feature wall that will add a whole load of character to your little one’s walls. Dress the bed with themed bedding and try to decorate the floor with a matching blue rug to emulate the exotic seas your infant can imagine they’re sailing on. Add pirate accessories all around the room: from door signs, to book ends, framed art and more!
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Whether you follow all of these steps or even a few, each should add the perfect hint of pirate to your children’s bedroom allowing their favourite storybook characters to walk from the pages straight onto their walls. Bring your children’s space to life and put them right in the centre of a new adventure; from play area to bedroom, this pirate themed hub will be the perfect place for your little one’s to spend their time.

Article by Alex Tolofson