Tips for Avoiding Tantrums in Shared Bedrooms

Tips for Avoiding Tantrums in Shared Bedrooms

If your children share a bedroom, they’re in good company. According to research, little ones share rooms in up to 67 per cent of cultures. Unfortunately, such arrangements are not always harmonious and to a certain extent, it’s only natural that cohabiting siblings should argue now and then.

But if the bickering is starting to grate, you may want to take heed of our tips for avoiding tantrums in shared bedrooms….

Make the space fit

We’re big fans of bunk beds and we hope our range proves that bunk beds don’t need to be bland. Bunk beds can free up valuable floor space for playing and help children to feel they are less on top of each other, if you’ll pardon the pun!

Whatever bed style you choose, it helps to have individual storage for each child so that they can keep their belongings separate. This should help the room stay a little tidier too, at least in theory!

Bookcases and storage racks can be put to good use as room separators to give kids the feeling that they have their own space within the room. Room separators, dividers or curtains are other options that can put a physical parting in the room without the need for any building work. Many parents find that introducing these temporary partitions gives children more pride in their own side of the room, which can encourage kids to keep it tidier.

The other benefit is that when fights do occur each child has their own personal area to cool off in. If a physical separation such as this seems a step too far, you could consider allowing each child to choose their own complementary colour schemes and décor so that the suggestion of their own personal space is present.

Stagger bedtimes

Clashes can often happen at bedtime when kids are at their most irritable. If your children are the same age it can be difficult to persuade them to head off to bed at different times but if there is an age difference staggering bedtimes can sometimes make a difference.

By sending the youngest child off to bed earlier they have a chance to get to sleep before the others arrive and the older child/children get to enjoy extra quality time with you.

Remember there are positives

It’s not always plain sailing when kids share a room but try and remember there are lots of positives to room sharing. Younger children who are scared of the dark can feel reassured by the presence of an older sibling, older siblings can feel trusted and important and both children can benefit from having someone to talk to or play with for those super early starts when you aren’t out of bed yet!

Do your children share a bedroom? Is the arrangement generally a success? If you have any tips for other parents, please share them below.

Article by Mickey Bryant