Do You Have a Place For Everything?

Do You Have a Place For Everything?
Childhood is all about learning new things, being creative and having as much fun as possible. However, as we discussed in our recent SOS storage post, this doesn’t always go hand-in-hand with tidiness! A must-have piece of furniture to keep bedrooms at their best is the toy box but it's not just the youngest members of the family who can benefit from this interiors essential.

A place for everything

Toy boxes are excellent for tidying away the hoard of kiddy clutter that accumulate as time goes by. Our styles allow you to pack away the cuddly toys, the action figures, the board games and the books into one area that also couples as a little seat if needed. Keeping as much floor space free as possible will also allow your little one more room to play. The toy box collection at Noa and Nani offers themed designs such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or simple and stylish white boxes that go with any room décor. A good place to put the toy box is at the end of the bed. This is also provides a convenient spot to lay out clothes ready for the next day – if you’re feeling super organised!

Make believe

Apart from using a toy box to store toys, you can also use it as a dress up box full of outfits that will spark the imagination. Think pirates, princesses and doctors, all in one place and ready to be worn at a moment’s notice. Children aren’t constrained by what they know to be real in the world. Their imaginations can take them anywhere, exploring stories and characters to their fullest. One minute they are a queen sipping tea in her palace, the next they are a mighty warrior facing dragons and monsters. Even with small props like a stethoscope or a sword, the imagination can still fill in the rest. Dress up is also a key tool for children to expand their vocabulary (using words they have heard before into practice) as well as their confidence. Playing a superhero is sure to boost anyone’s confidence…

Something for you

Our toy boxes are not just for toys or dress up clothes. They can be used in any room of your home to help with tidying away clutter or to keep certain items in one place and like many of our other home accessories, many of our storage box designs can be decorated to fit with your preferred colour scheme. This storage box could be used as a storage for shoes and wellies to be kept at the front door, or as a place for your photo albums and sentimental keepsakes in the living room. How about a place for all the knick-knacks in the garage, or a new home for your craft projects and supplies? The possibilities are endless. If you have items without a home, a storage box is a must. Lola Toy Box in White Toy Storage Organiser

Article by Alex Tolofson