The Politics of Bunk Beds

The Politics of Bunk Beds
As anyone who shared a room with a brother or sister will know, this is both an awesome and drama-filled experience. While comforting (and often fun) to always have someone around, siblings will begin to grate on one another, prompting some disagreements and rules being set! If you have opted for a bunk bed for your little ones, be aware that there will be some politics involved in the sharing of this space…

The benefits of bunk beds

Having bunk beds in your children’s room is fantastic for freeing up floor space. This space can be used for playtime, for the hoard of toys they have or for more wardrobe space for their clothes. Bunk beds are also handy for sleepovers or to free up room for a desk. By using a bunk bed, this clever use of space can turn a relatively small room into something more than adequate for two children. Noa and Nani have a great range of bunk beds including single and triple bunk beds! They are also a great solution for children who aren’t quite ready to sleep alone. bunk beds

Getting territorial

Once a bed has been assigned – either through mature discussion between he children (yeah, right!) or through an adult ruling – there can be no going back. That bed is now the property of the child and will be protected at all cost. This is where some indisputable politics will arise. As long as you can help each child to believe that they have the best bunk then you’re winning! For the top bunkers, they can feel like ‘king of the castle’, looking down on the lowly bottom bunkers. For those on the lower bunk, they don’t need to climb anywhere to head to the loo, and, with the top bunk above, they can create a little fort of toys if they like!

Older sibling rules

It is an unwritten rule that the older sibling gets the top bunk. They have been around longer, they are better-equipped to climb a ladder and (as they will tell you) it is their birth right. This can cause some disagreement, especially if your little one has their heart set on top bunk life. However, if your youngest is under six-years-old, it’s actually not advised that they climb up to the top. After this age, it will be harder to state your case for the youngest but you can give it a good go…

Annoying bunk bed incidents

Here are some bunk bed happenings that could cause some drama – watch out for them!
  • Dropping items from the top bunk on to the bottom bunk
  • Duvets hanging down from the top bunk to the bottom bunk
  • Prodding the top mattress from the bottom bunk
  • Snoring or loud breathing
  • Talking while asleep
  • Sitting on the other one’s bed

Article by Mickey Bryant