The Noa & Nani Guide to Creating a Children’s Themed Bedroom

The Noa & Nani Guide to Creating a Children’s Themed Bedroom

Decorating your children’s bedroom should be a fun experience for everyone involved and is often an excellent opportunity to allow older children to take ownership of their own space. One of the most popular design choices for children’s bedrooms is a themed design, taking inspiration from your children’s favourite characters, hobbies or interests. So, if you’re trying to decide whether this is the right option for your home and how you should go about bringing a themed design to life, then you have come to the right place. Here at Noa & Nani, we have put together a comprehensive guide to creating a children’s themed bedroom with all the hints, tips and advice that you could need all in one space.

Deciding the Theme

When creating a children’s themed bedroom, you first need to decide on the room’s theme. As we briefly mentioned, there are several different options and styles for themes. Whether you go literal and obvious by filling the room with imagery from your children’s favourite TV shows, movies or books, or you keep it more simple with a generic style or interest. The designs and options are only limited by your own imagination when it comes to deciding the theme.

Of course, you should get your children’s opinions on what theme they would prefer and work with them to bring it to life. But we do think there are a few things you should consider before making a final decision. Try to avoid themes based on trending interests that your children may soon grow out of. An excellent way to prevent this but still indulge your children’s requests is to keep the room’s base relatively simple; that way, you can swap and change decorations to different themes as your child grows!

Start with the Basics

When it comes time to clear out the room and pick up the paintbrushes, you can really get creative! If you want to create a truly immersive themed space for your children, start with the room’s walls and flooring. Creating a backdrop for your children’s theme is pretty simple, yet the results have a significant impact on the finished look.

Painting Children’s Themed Walls

If you’re going for an outdoorsy theme, maybe a jungle or a fairy forest, then paint the walls to reflect the scenery. A light blue will make the room appear brighter while also creating the illusion of clear skies surrounding your children as they play. Similarly, green tones will give a more woodsy or safari vibe. Why not take it one step further by adding trees or clouds to the walls to bring the scenic picture to life? Or another simple way to add some dimension to the room is to split the walls with loose, curving lines. Paint the bottom half of the walls green and the top blue for a dynamic look.

Choosing Flooring for your Children’s Themed Bedroom

Carry on the themed to even the floor of your children’s bedroom. Just as simple as the walls, it’s all about choosing the right colours for the room floors to continue the simple yet elaborate theming. Choose green carpets or rugs to represent grass in your children’s room and create a calming atmosphere for your kids to play. Go one step further by overlaying a blue rug to the green carpet to represent a pond or river for your children to incorporate into their games. A darker carpet is perfect for space themes or for older children needing a more grown-up space.

Top Tip: Here at Noa & Nani, we believe that adding rugs to your children’s rooms helps to section the space. So, you can create a reading nook, a play corner and a study space.

Choose Themed Furniture

An easy way to create a truly immersive bedroom is to incorporate themed children’s furniture. At Noa & Nani, we are excited to offer a wide selection of children’s themed beds that are as fun as they are practical and comfortable. From children’s beds built like tree houses to mid sleepers decorated with themed tents, we have options to suit every theme, hobby and style. Plus, you can also find more bed tent options available so that if your child doesn’t grow out of one theme, switching to another is quick and easy.

Look for more decoratively themed furniture for your children’s room, or stick to plain and neutral styles and adorn them with more decorations that can be easily swapped and changed. For example, soft toys and figurines can be decorative choices as well as pieces in your children’s games. Explore children’s toy boxes, bookshelves and desks for more ways to build on the theming of your kids’ room.

Keep it Fun and Simple

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that less is more, so it is not always necessary to make your children’s room feel like a portal to another world for it to be effective. Plus, for some children, too much stimuli can be too much and stop them from being able to relax when it comes to bedtime. Avoid this by keeping the room neutral and adding simple decorations to create an otherworldly aesthetic.

By stringing fairy lights across the room, you can infuse a little imagination and magic into your child’s everyday routine as children see things differently than adults. What might be a small, cute addition to us is the difference between one word and the next for our little ones. Twinkling lights and dancing fairies are suddenly in the room when the lights go out, transporting your children to fairy realms or adventures in space.

Make the Most out of the Space

Finally, when making over your children’s room to fit a specific theme, don’t forget to make the most out of the space available. Our top tip for using every inch of open space to the fullest advantage is to utilise cabin beds. In our collection of children’s beds, you can find cabin beds with built-in storage space or even attached desks perfect for children to study or get creative on.

Alternatively, even choosing a simple mid sleeper or high rise sleeper allows extra floor space in the room for you to keep wardrobes, chest of drawers or toy boxes. If not utilising the space for storage, create a cosy nook for your children that continues and enhances the room’s theme. A cave in the middle of a fairytale or a camp for the safari to set up bases? Work with your children to unlock both of your imaginations when creating a themed bedroom, and shop our complete collection of children’s bedroom furniture online now.

Article by Alex Tolofson