The Noa & Nani Bedroom Furniture Guide

The Noa & Nani Bedroom Furniture Guide

Welcome to the Noa & Nani bedroom furniture guide, your one-stop blog for all the advice you could ever ask for when it comes to furnishing your bedroom. Whether you have a small or average-sized bedroom, you want to make the most out of the space available and keep the atmosphere comfortable.

This is where we come in, with our bedroom furniture guide. Starting with the basics with our rundown of the essential bedroom furniture pieces you should choose for your home and then diving into arranging them in your space.

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Table of Contents

  1. Essential Bedroom Furniture
  2. How to Arrange Bedroom Furniture
  3. Furnishing Your Bedroom

Essential Bedroom Furniture

Let’s kick things off by going over what we think are the essential furnishings you need for a comfortable and practical bedroom space.

Compare our list to your own to ensure you have everything ticked off and are not underestimating any essential pieces!


Of course, what is a bedroom without a bed? This should always be the furniture piece you choose first, and then work your other furniture around it. This ensures that your bed will definitely fit in the space, as you can choose smaller wardrobes, tables and drawers accordingly.

As the focal point in the room, it is also a good idea to choose the bed first as this will set the style and aesthetic for the rest of your furniture.

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We believe that a stylish dresser is also a practical and essential furniture piece for your bedroom. Here you can store your clothes, nightwear and underwear so that it is easy to reach at all times when you’re dressing in the morning or night.

We prefer a dresser over a full wardrobe for our essentials list as this is a space-saving solution that also offers tabletop space for extra storage and decoration. After all, it is becoming more popular to keep wardrobes in spare bedrooms as a ‘dressing room’ space that ensures your master bedroom is minimal and decluttered for a peaceful nights rest.


Having a nightstand, one or two framing the bed allows for quick and easy storage space for essentials you may want close to you before bed and in the morning. From phones, chargers and books to a place to rest glasses and store medication, we believe that a stylish nightstand is not just a great way to tie in the bedroom aesthetic but also an essential addition to ensure a peaceful and ordered living space.

How to Arrange Bedroom Furniture

Once you know what furniture pieces you want to furnish your bedroom with, it’s time to think more practically. Before making any big purchases consider how they will arrange and fit in your bedroom.

We have put together some advice and guidance for arranging your bedroom furniture, so find all the hints and tips you need below.

Open Floor Space

When visualising how you want to arrange the furniture in your bedroom, make sure you keep open floor space in mind.

You should also make sure that the open floor space is prioritised near and around your doorway, as this should be the ‘least cluttered’ area of the whole room. Think about it, when you enter your bedroom, you want to feel peace and calm, which isn’t achieved if you have to wiggle through the doorway or open it up to clutter.

Our advice for a clear and open room is to ensure that it will not be blocked or hindered by the wardrobe or drawers, etc.

If you’re starting to think that you have too much planned to cram into the space, then reconsider what is really essential. For example, a writing desk in the corner may seem like a great idea, but think about how much you will actually use it and whether it can be sacrificed? Or, why not evaluate whether your wardrobe can be downsized?

Only add furniture that you know is practical, will fit, and create a calm and comfortable atmosphere.

How to Position Your Bed

Another major positioning point you need to think about above all else is where to position your bed. Here at Noa & Nani, we consider the bed to be the focal point of any bedroom, so it makes sense that you should prioritise its positioning before your other furnishings.

Traditionally, you should aim to position your bed central against the wall directly opposite the door. However, we understand that this isn’t always possible, so position the bed along the longest wall instead if in doubt.

As long as you’re giving yourself enough room and space that is comfortable for getting in and out of bed, you can use your better judgment of where will be best for your bed.

Furnishing your Bedroom

Now you have read through our bedroom furniture guide; you should have a good idea of what furniture styles and sizes you need for your room.

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Article by Alex Tolofson