Sustainable Dining Room Ideas

Sustainable Dining Room Ideas

If the kitchen is the heart of your home, then we believe that the dining room is the soul. A place where we celebrate special occasions, toast events and generally just catch up over delicious food with friends and family, so many treasured memories are made in the dining room. So, even though they are considered a more formal area of the home, that doesn’t mean they have to be missed when taking steps to make your living space more sustainable.

How to Create a Sustainable Dining Room in 4 Steps

If you have found yourself trying to move towards a more sustainable and zero-waste lifestyle, then we are here to help you with some tips and advice on how to create a sustainable dining room.

1. Choose Wooden Dining Sets

The first step in creating a sustainable dining room is starting with the furniture. Of course, the most sustainable furniture is the set you already have, and you shouldn’t be quick to throw this away if it’s still in good condition. However, maybe you are moving into your first home, or your existing dining table is on its last legs? Then it is unavoidable that you need to choose new dining furniture, so here are a few things to keep in mind when making your decision.

When choosing sustainable furniture for your dining room, we recommend avoiding any furniture made from plastics as these more often than not require fossil fuels in their production. Especially when it comes to dining chairs, a lot of options on the market are crafted from plastic materials in order to achieve the popular midcentury-modern design style. However, that doesn’t mean that you can not achieve modern style when avoiding these types of furniture.

At Noa & Nani, we are pleased to offer a wide selection of wooden dining sets, including tables, chairs and benches. Crafted from high-quality wood materials, you can feel guilt-free about choosing wooden dining furniture as it can be repurposed or easily disposed of far in the future. Plus, you can explore wooden dining sets in a variety of styles, from rustic and farmhouse to elegant and modern designs.

2. Opt for Sustainable Fabrics for Dining Accessories

When it comes time to shop for napkins, table runners or placemats, choose your fabrics wisely. This is another great opportunity to make a sustainable change in your dining room and can be easily achieved too. When browsing for your fabric dining wares, see if you can find information on how a product’s materials have been grown, as well as if there were any chemical dyes used in the manufacturing process.

If this information isn’t readily available, then look for more general sustainable fabrics instead. For example, a hugely on-trend fabric that you can feel guilt-free about using is jute. Also known as burlap and hessian, these biodegradable materials are the same and do not require any pesticides for growth. This is a natural fibre product and is also a great way of adding extra dimensions and texture to your dining room!

When it comes to napkins and paper towels, these products can be unavoidable to purchase, as we understand, spills do happen. However, with the growing demand for sustainable products, you can now find paper towels that are 100% recycled, so you don’t have to give up these products totally. Similarly, compostable napkins are also another great addition to your sustainable dining room you might want to look into.

3. Swap Single-Use Plastics for Compostable Cutlery

If you have hosted a larger party for all of your family and friends, we understand how easy it is just to put out disposable cutlery to save on the washing up. But now is your chance to cut back on this unnecessary plastic waste. A lot of effort and pollution goes into making plastic knives, forks and spoons, and then they are thrown away after just one use.

It is said by the International Union for Conservation of Nature that 300 million tons of plastic are manufactured every year. Plus, a whopping half of those plastics are intended for single use. This plastic then finds its way back into the environment, in particular the ocean, as it is then broken down into microplastics that is consumed by sea life and even humans. This makes plastic utensils the second most deadly type of marine pollution.

Luckily, we can help to put a stop to this. For your next at-home event, swap the plastic, single-use knives and forks for compostable cutlery instead. Just look for the words ‘compostable’ or ‘biodegradable on the pack before purchasing. Alternatively, it might be time to admit defeat and use your usual cutlery for buffets and parties, and think about the washing up later!

4. Set the Mood with Sustainable Centrepieces and Decorations

Even when it comes time to decorating your dining room and setting the mood for special occasions and dinners, you can take steps to be more sustainable. Think about a classic floral display in the centre of your dining table, already this seems pretty green, right? But have you ever questioned whether the flowers you are buying are actually in season?

You may have noticed that some flowers are available in florists or online shops all year round, even in the dead of winter. This is most likely because the flowers are shipped from warmer locations, and some may travel many miles. So, if you’re conscious of your carbon footprint, then try your best to choose only locally-grown and cut fresh flowers for your dining room display. This is a simple step to becoming more sustainable, so why not take full advantage of the opportunity? Now that you have a few ideas on how to make a positive change in your dining room decoration, you can enjoy putting together a stylish yet guilt-free dining area in your home. Don’t forget to explore our collection of dining room furniture available online now, or why not look for more style inspiration with guides on how to create child-friendly dining rooms or neutral styling tips also on offer?

Article by Alex Tolofson