Small Living Room Ideas

Small Living Room Ideas
Beautiful living room decor isn’t just for large homes. Here at Noa & Nani, we like to ensure all families from all home sizes can make their house perfect for the family to share. That’s why we’ve put together some small living room ideas so that you can make the best out of your smaller space. Small living room spaces can be ideal for creating a cosy family space, but they can quickly become cramped when not appropriately styled. To help minimise clutter and optimise living space, we’ve put together some handy tips and tricks for you to transform your small living room into a spacious hub for the whole family to share.

Plan Your Space Effectively

Be considerate of the space you have available before you start to decorate and fill it. Think about the essentials you need in your small living room and eliminate unnecessary items from the list. Keeping it basic and scaling your living room furniture back will make sure the room is less cramped and will provide you with more open space to make your own.

Hang Up Wall Mirrors

Mirrors are an illusion to the eye that reflect not only beauty but also light rays, meaning they can be the perfect way to make your small living room look bigger in an instant. The light reflections that bounce off the mirror’s glass open the space up and ensure that the light reaches every corner of your small living room, creating the illusion of a bigger room ultimately. By positioning your wall mirrors carefully in the room so that it will reflect both natural light from windows and artificial light from lamps, then you’ll create the appearance of a bigger room at every time of day. Perfect for keeping up with the British weather when the sunshine can be scarce!

Use Multi-functional Storage

Using multi-purpose storage such as sideboards with cupboards or TV stands with drawers means you’ll have less clutter that will help the room look like it has more open space. Furniture that has exposed legs will also help make the room look bigger. Seeing that extra space underneath furniture will open the furniture out and stop it from looking cramped in the room. Pieces like our Otto TV Unit or the Otto Sideboard would be ideal for small living rooms. Their exposed legs and functional storage make them use up less space and keep the room airy whilst still being practical furniture for your room.

Glass Furniture

Glass can have a significant impact on making a small room look bigger. Perhaps not an ideal choice for families with little children but perfect for others. The transparency of glass stops furniture from looking clunky around the room and creates a vision of open space – whilst still providing useful functionality! Choosing glass furniture or glass accessories will really help to elongate your small living room beautifully. The glass will also have a similar effect to the wall mirrors when light bounces from them; the reflections will open up space and really help brighten it from corner to corner.

Decorate With Light Colours

Lighter colour palettes for your living room will open the space up more than darker ones and create an airy, spacious room. Opt for colours like bright whites, creams and beiges that will stop the walls from closing the space, further reflecting light effectively to give the illusion of a much bigger space.

Choose Corner Sofas

It’s essential to choose furniture that accentuates your room shape with small living rooms, rather than trying to over cramp it with furniture that doesn’t quite fit. Corner sofas are the ideal way to make the best of oddly-shaped living rooms. They fit perfectly into corners, utilising more of the room’s perimeter whilst still providing a comfortable space for the whole family to sit and spend time together.

Incorporate Patterns

Patterns can work magic when it comes to making a room look bigger. If you’re not one for light colours on your walls or ceilings, then repeat pattern feature walls can be perfect for making your room look bigger. Alternatively, using skinny stripes both vertically and horizontally will give the appearance of a stretched out room in either direction—ideal for elongating smaller living rooms.

Raise The Ceilings

Not literally! By creating the illusion of higher ceilings, you will help expand the room space. Using more of the space above your eye-line is essential for making your small living room bigger. Some tricks for this include installing wall art or shelves higher on a wall, painting the skirting boards a brighter white to make the walls longer, and introducing long hanging curtains. Hopefully, we’ve given you some inspiration to make the very best out of your small living room. Small spaces don’t have to be cramped or hindering; instead of with the right decoration and accessories, it can become just as open a living space as a bigger living room can be. Explore our entire range of living room furniture here at Noa & Nani and find the best space-saving alternatives to make the best out of your small living room.

Article by Alex Tolofson