Perfect Princess Themed Bedroom Ideas

Perfect Princess Themed Bedroom Ideas
Princesses are known for being empowering, charitable women who look out for others and try to make the world a much better place. They’re the main stars of fairytale stories, they go on incredible adventures, making the most amazing friends along the way and sharing once in a lifetime experiences. Why then, wouldn’t your child want their own bedroom space transformed into the most wonderful princess bedroom? We’ve put together some tips and ideas of how you can create DIY princess decor for your little one.

Every Princess Needs a Castle

What would Rapunzel have been without her tower, Elsa without Arendelle or Jasmine without her palace? Princesses need a place of residence, a castle to call their own, somewhere to rule their kingdom from and, amazingly, your child’s bed can be just that. Choosing an enchanting bed, draped with netting and adding fairy lights, or a cabin bed fitted with a princess tower and tent will help transform your child’s room into one fit for a princess. Our Kara 4 Poster Bed would be an excellent option for those older princesses, standing the test of time and growing with them. In comparison, our princess cabin bed would provide your smaller ones with the tower, ladders and slide they need to bring their princess world into reality. Single bed with canopy With added accessories, their bed will help transport their room from just where they sleep to where they also play, instantly! Help their imaginations run wild and provide them with a princess tower they can rule from – they’ll be able to go from peaceful Sleeping Beauty to adventurous Princess Merida without hesitation by making their bedroom their playroom too.

Heir to The Throne

The beauty of being a princess is knowing one day you might be queen. Get your little princess ready by implementing a throne into the comfort of their bedroom. Whether you decide on a rocking chair, a dressing table chair, or what we might think of as an accent chair, make it glamorous and regal and let your child believe they are preparing for their future role in the monarchy. Match it with a footstool, and your little one will undoubtedly feel ready to rule their own kingdom.
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Who’s The Fairest Of Them All?

Who’s the fairest of them all? Let your little princess know that it’s them by installing a dressing table into their room. More so for older princesses, these dressing tables will help them fit their tiaras and get ready for the ball. Perfect for days playing fancy dress, for storing those nick-nacks, and for your princess to have their own space, a dressing table will help add a real touch of a princesses bedroom right into theirs. Match our Camille dressing table with a beautiful mirror, and your little one will be ready to play Snow White. White dressing table with matching stool

Pretty in Pink?

From enchanting murals, walls full of fairy lights, princess rugs, and glitter wall paint, use every opportunity you can in whatever size room your child has for it to exude magic, fantasy and sparkle. Have fun with your decoration choices; think bright, colourful and unique. From fantastical rainbows to princess themed wallpaper or even a chandelier lampshade, let your little one know that princesses can love more than just one shade of pink! Add an array of colours, designs and patterns for their imagination to enjoy.
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Glamorous Furniture

Whatever their age, your little princess will most definitely have their favourite ball gowns, frocks and outfits they want to be kept safe and ready to wear. Choose glamorous furniture like our Tobie wardrobe that will match a range of other furniture, and let them store their fancy dress outfits and coronation dresses somewhere secure – because even princesses need practicality. White wardrobe

Treasure Chest

Who said only the pirates should get the treasure? Let your little princess take back what’s rightfully theirs be incorporating a treasure chest into their princess themed bedroom. Though in reality, their chest may store their toys, in the land of make-believe it could hold only the finest of jewels a princess can own. Whether you store it under their cabin bed or leave it freestanding, our white chest trunk has a believable lid and shape to take on the role of a treasure chest in every one of your princess’s adventures. White storage box

Trusted Companions

Every princess needs their right-hand companion, someone they can go on their wildest adventures with. Just like Olaf with Anna, Flounder and Ariel, Mushu and Mulan, princesses need their animated BFFs to help guide them every step of the way – why should your young ones miss out! Add a range of stuffed animals to their princess bedroom and let their imaginations bring their group of friends to life, ready for the latest royal mission. Stuffed bunny rabbit Your little one’s princess decor doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive for you to achieve. Whether you follow all of our princess bedroom tips or even just a few, let your little one’s mind do the rest of the work bringing their new kingdom to life. Use their bedroom space the best you can, implement lots of glitzy accessories, and you’re already halfway to providing them with a glamorous space to call their own. Browse our whole range of children’s bedroom furniture today and get started in creating the perfect room for your child to both rest their head and play!

Article by Alex Tolofson