Mid-Century Modern Living Room Decor Tips

Mid-Century Modern Living Room Decor Tips
Mid-Century interior design was a popular style in the 1950s and has been a reigning decor choice ever since, even today. As a classic look, with clean lines, bright colours and a minimalistic design, mid-century modern decor is perfect to have in your living room; decluttering the main room of the house and adding a simplistic flair to its overall look. At Noa & Nani, our Otto collection embodies the coolness of the mid-century modern style, with a retro feel and vintage-inspired edge that will enhance your current decor completely.

What was the inspiration for mid-century modern decor?

‘Mid-century modern’ was a phrase coined by Cara Greenberg, an author, in the title of her book Mid Century Modern: Furniture of the 1950s, published in 1984 when the much-loved style of this period had made a huge comeback. Vintage decor became fashionable as people scoured for retro pieces to add to their homes. Mid-century modern style is all about clashing, it juxtaposes and contrasts in so many ways: big furniture is paired with small pegged legs, classic styles are paired with new, exciting patterns, and minimalistic designs become bold. Old meets new and the past meets the future with mid-century modern, which must be why it never seems to go out of style. The balance of vintage with contemporary makes it an all inclusive interior style that can mould itself to your home, whatever room you choose.

Why is mid-century modern decor good for the living room?

Mid-century modern decor will help you transform your living room into a space that both feels and looks good; with the variation of lines given from the furniture, the wider space created from the minimalistic feel, and the range of both soft and bold hues of colours, it will ensure your living room is both functional and comfortable – the perfect mix for the main room of the house. Your living room should be a room which adapts to your family and mid-century modern decor allows this to happen, not only is it airy and comfortable, it's a practical and useful style that will ensure your family can enjoy the space however they wish.

What should I incorporate into a mid-century modern living room?

So, just how can you revamp your living room into a mid-century modern hub? Even if you’re not looking for a full room rehaul there are a few things you can do to add the mid-century style to your current living room. Here’s a few small things you can incorporate into the room to achieve the retro, clean feel:

Include A TV Unit

A retro-looking tv unit is often the furniture focal point of a mid-century modern living room. You should be looking for something like our Otto TV Unit. Available in black or white, this unit is a big, bold piece of furniture that is actually quite lightweight. With straight lines and a cuboid shape it certainly brings simplicity to retro, which when paired with thin, pegged legs, embodies the old-style look you’re looking for in your new living room. White, retro-style TV unit

Implement A Sideboard

Pair your TV unit with a matching sideboard, our Otto Sideboard carries on that minimalistic, fresh coloured design which mid-century modern yearns for but is still a retro styled piece you can imagine would sit comfortably in a 1960s living room too. This range of furniture, you can see, blends together the best of retro with the sleekness of contemporary and creates beautiful pieces that will bring your living room to life. Grey coloured, retro style sideboard

Have An Accent Chair

A popular addition to the mid-century living room is an accent chair; this is a bright coloured, loungey armchair, which contrasts the simplicity of the surrounding furniture. If you’ve opted for either the black or white Otto pieces then you will have left yourself with a huge scope of bright, bold colours that will beautifully be able to contrast them. Use your accent chair to add a pop of colour to the mix; it’s style is usually slimline and curved, making it the bold piece of furniture the room needs.
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Add A Bit Of Glam

Simplicity and minimalist style doesn’t have to mean boring. With mid-century modern it’s about getting those balances right and that can mean adding a flair of glam to your decor. This could be through a metallic statement lampshade or a luxury, soft-to-touch throw. Add a piece of your vibrant personality into the mix and honour the different eras this decor style covers.
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Stay True To Retro

Keeping those balances means making sure you don’t overstep into your look being too contemporary. Some good ways you can achieve that mid-century modern retro can be through vintage wall art, authentic, solid wood finishes, retro rounded corners for furniture, and other Ercol-style furniture.
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Complement The Style With Geometry

Whether you want to do this boldly through geometric wallpaper or a more subtle response with a geometric patterned cushion, adding geometric shapes to your living room will help to bridge the gap between past and present and create the perfect mid-century modern balance.
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The main aim of the mid-century style is to create a spacious, functional and comfortable room for you and your family to enjoy being in together. Practicality meets style, the past meets the present, and what should be the chaos of juxtaposing curved with straight, bold with subtle and soft with bright, actually results in the most beautiful of decors. Even by following a couple of these steps you can bring your own stamp on this popular style and enjoy the benefits of it. Mid-century modern can work with anyone’s personal preferences which is why it has been seen in homes time and time again. Jump on this bandwagon and embrace it today to enjoy a practical shared living space that can give all the family some joy. Shop our full Otto furniture range and see how inspired we are at Noa & Nani by the mid-century modern decor theme that has been sweeping into homes worldwide for decades.

Article by Alex Tolofson