Ideas for Celebrating Mother's Day at Home

Ideas for Celebrating Mother's Day at Home
Missed the boat with online delivery and can't face a slap dash panic buy at the shops? Don't fret, Mother's Day can still be fantastic with some thoughtful gestures and homemade treats. Expensive gifts and personalised cards are great, but the effort put into something made by you will be much more special to the one who raised you. Make some memories with this selection of ideas for celebrating Mother's Day at home.

Some extra zzzzzz

Having no alarm and no to-do list is the best way to start the day for your mother. Take care of the little tasks for her and make sure that the house is nice and quiet so she can get some her 40 winks. Breakfast in bed is a lovely treat that gives your mother the feeling of being waited on. However, not everyone is a fan of breakfast in bed, so make sure you know her preference as a homemade breakfast downstairs on the kitchen table will be just as lovely. Depending on the length of the lie-in, the breakfast could well turn into a brunch or even a lunch!

Afternoon tea at home

Who needs to go to a fancy hotel for afternoon tea? With a small shop you can bring the afternoon tea to your mother in the comfort of home. This can easily be organised on the day and will make her feel very special indeed. The checklist includes:
  • tiered cake stand
  • tea plates
  • cups and saucers
  • selection of teas
  • finger sandwiches (cucumber and sour cream; salmon and cream cheese; ham, brie and apple; and crab salad etc.)
  • scones with jam and clotted cream
  • mini desserts
Whether it's just the two of you or you invite more bodies to join in, it's very easy to set up and is sure to be a very tasty way to spend Mother's Day afternoon.

Movie night in

Treat her to a night in watching her favourite films with all the trimmings. Bring the cinema to her with some carefully-selected DVDs and a host of cinema-going snacks such as popcorn, sweets and ice cream. Have her favourite food in so you can dine before you get settled in. Grab a selection of her favourite magazines, some nice coffee and biscuits and a couple of throws on the coffee table to get nice and cosy! Whatever you do, make sure you clear your schedule to spend as much time with your mother as possible.

Article by Mickey Bryant