How to Transform Your Child’s Bedroom into a Winter Wonderland

How to Transform Your Child’s Bedroom into a Winter Wonderland
Winter is finally here, which means it’s almost time to write your letters to Father Christmas, get your tree down from the loft, and enjoy Jack Frost nipping at your nose. The only bad thing about wintertime is that, rather than a nice blanket of enchanting snow, we can often just get drizzle, rain and cold temperatures that leave us all a bit unhappy – especially children who are unable to play outside. So, instead of everyone looking like a Scrooge this season, why not transform even the most basic of children’s bedroom into a winter wonderland? With only a few small changes you’ll be able to create an indoor haven safe from the cold where you and your children can still have the cosiest of winter fun.

A Blanket of Snow

Winter is just not the same without a layer of crisp, white snow at our feet. However, we all know that British weather is incredibly unpredictable, so the chances of having the perfect white Christmas are extremely thin. But there’s no need to fret; when you’re bringing winter indoors you can make sure your little ones have a winter wonderland to enjoy during this festive period! Creating a snow-like dreamland couldn’t be easier; by simply swapping your child’s bedding for a white duvet and pillows, placing a white rug on the floor and topping the bed off with a white, furry throw, you’ve got yourself an indoor winter wonderland that’s much cosier than the real thing. The best part about this transformation is that these pieces are affordable and you can reuse them again whenever you like all year round, making them budget-friendly to everyone.

Crisp White Furniture

White furniture will not only help to bring children’s winter wonderland to life but will create a crisp, clean finish all year round. Our children’s furniture range has everything you need to provide your children with practical functional storage that can be transformed into another additional element of their winter haven. From white wardrobes and toy boxes, shelves and more, we have everything you’ll need to instil a white theme throughout their room. Matching the white furniture with soft grey hues or bright, warming yellows will create the perfect space for your children to snuggle up on those cold, winter days.

Sleigh Beds

As a parent, we know the importance of a good night’s sleep. So why not treat your little one to a new bed, ideal for those winter months? Here at Noa & Nani, we have a wide range of children’s beds to choose from, but our white cabin beds are especially ideal for the perfect balance between fun and bedtime and are just what you need for those indoor play days. With hidden under-bed storage masked by a themed tent of choice, they would make the perfect bed which can double as a sleigh during these winter months. The cabin bed’s secret area makes the perfect place for a Santa’s grotto or can even be turned into a mini-movie theatre, so your child can watch all their favourite Christmas films, snuggled up warm with a hot chocolate.

Starry, Starry Night

When it comes to decorating any room, accessories and the finishing touches are extremely important, as these tie everything together to make the room as homely as possible. One thing a winter wonderland needs is a bright starry sky, and the best way to achieve this is with an abundance of fairy lights. Choose low voltage LED lights that stay cool to the touch and be careful not to create a hazard when hanging and you can create perfect lighting in the safest of ways. This form of lighting is affordable and can be reused as night lights once Christmas is over to create the perfect homely ambience for your little ones to enjoy. Another simple winter accessory you can add to tie the whole theme together is baubles. A growing trend within Christmas interiors is white and glass decorations. However, to ensure your child doesn’t hurt themselves on any broken glass, we recommend you recreate this trend using hard plastic baubles that can still have the same frosty effect without any unwanted risks. Another tip is to match the snow-white hues of the room with accessories in soft, pale blues or ice cold lavenders to create a frozen feel that will have your children snuggled up in bed in no time. Create the perfect balance between sleep and play and let your children embrace the colder months from the cosy comfort and safety of their bedrooms. How would you create a winter wonderland in your child’s bedroom? Please share your creations with us over on our Facebook.

Article by Alex Tolofson