How to Style a Modern Dining Room

How to Style a Modern Dining Room

When it comes time to style and decorate your dining room, images of stuffy and formal dining areas may come to mind. So, how do you create a space that is stylish and sleek for an elevated atmosphere but is still comfortable and welcoming?

Choosing modern style and decor for your dining room is the perfect way to create a space that feels special but still just as warm as the rest of your home. After all, your dining room doesn’t have to feel formal to actually be formal. To help you get started decorating your modern dining room, we have put together a few stylish tips to inspire your room makeover.

6 Modern Dining Room Ideas

1. Think Chic for Modern Elegance

Modern style doesn’t have to be all monochrome and no substance. Chic and elegant style adds a feminine twist on modern design that is an easy way to create a homely atmosphere for your dining area. Gold finishes and accents add a glam look to the dining room that creates warm tones guests will want to curl up in as the evening turns to night. If you choose to add gold accents to your dining room, we recommend keeping the rest of the space muted with whites, beiges and soft pinks. This creates a modern and elegant style that is comfortable and welcoming without feeling too garish or ornate.

2. Keep it Minimal

Minimal and modern styles go hand in hand together to create a sleek and elevated space. But, sometimes, when we aim for minimal decor, we can still do too much. With the right furniture, you can create a simple dining area, so always start with the main pieces first. Choose a simple dining set first and then frame the rest of the room around it. Once you have your perfect dining table and chairs, then you can think about adding small and subtle accessories, like a vase or place settings that are still simple but don’t leave the room looking unfinished. With a minimalist style as well, you can rely on a bold dining room paint colour to adds dimension to the space without cluttering the room with extra furniture and accessories. We love forest greens, navy blues and dark greys to achieve this!

3. Make a Statement

A great way to keep your dining room modern and fresh is to choose simple decor, which you can then bring to life with statement pieces. Whether you opt for an eye-catching light hung above the dining table or want to keep it more simple with a bold centrepiece and on-trend accessories, the possibilities are endless when you’ve chosen a simple yet modern style. Contemporary design can be kept up-to-date by swapping out statement pieces according to season or style every so often, so while you always have a dining room you love, it never feels old or boring.

4. Combine Eclectic Modern Style

Unique and modern dining rooms are the product of combining eclectic styles. This is an excellent way of ensuring your dining area remains personal to your family and home, as eclectic design combines different elements of modern style to create your dream dining room. For example, why not mix and match your table and chairs with a stylish dining bench that creates more dimension in the space, as well as offering a more relaxed and homely aesthetic? Mixing your favourite elements of modern styles will result in a dining room that is purposeful, personal and comfortable for family, friends and guests alike.

5. Take Advantage of Open Space

If you have an open floor plan in your home, that doesn’t mean you can’t make your dining area feel special. Don’t think of it as a dining table pushed into the open space, and instead embrace modern style to create a seamless flow from dining to living space. Choose a contrasting colour palette for your dining set to ensure that the furniture stands out in its own right while still keeping in theme with the rest of the home. By choosing a light dining table and pairing it with darker seating, you can create enough visual interest to ensure the dining area remains warm and welcoming instead of being swallowed up by the rest of the room.

6. Choose Modern Art for a Feature Wall

The dining room is a perfect stage to showcase your modern art collection, so why not take advantage of the theming and create a stunning feature wall? Whether you have just a couple of art pieces or a whole wall’s worth, take the time to find the perfect positions for your artwork and combine a range of colours, sizes and textures to create a bold and interesting display. Take it one step further and add a personal touch by mixing in family photos, portraits and maybe even children's artworks to create a blend of personal and eye-catching style that will certainly get guests talking. Whatever style tips you loved, we hope that we have inspired you in your journey to creating the perfect dining area for your family and home. Don’t hesitate to look for more style inspiration in our collection of stylish dining room furniture online now, where you can shop dining tables, chairs, benches and modern sideboards on offer. If you’re not fully decided on the modern theme for your dining room, then browse more of our style guides, including the likes of 5 Neutral Dining Room Ideas and How to Create a Kid-Friendly Dining Room.

Article by Alex Tolofson