How to Make More of Your Box Room

How to Make More of Your Box Room
Is your little box room a dumping ground for items you can’t decide whether to keep or not, and piles of laundry? A few simple storage solutions and furniture heroes can transform this area into a useful space that works for you and your family. Try not to waste this valuable space – you could be using it to its full storage potential!

Up high

With such a small floor space to play with, why not use the wasted area on the walls for storage? Installing shelves along the perimeter of your walls will give you space to store books, toys and whatever else you need a home for. Even if you have an oddly shaped room – L-shaped, rounded walls etc – there is always wall storage options at your disposal. Do you have a huge jewellery collection? Use wall storage to display your finest pearls, costume jewellery and hair accessories. Is there a tie obsession on the go? Use the walls to display a spectrum of colours, fabrics and styles that are easy to reach. We love this idea on Pinterest, using your door frame as a space to put shelving! So clever. There’s also this ingenious idea from Heidi to place specialised shelving in the space behind your bedroom door – not an inch of space wasted here...

Seating storage

A little stool with internal storage or a window box can also double up as storage for your bits and bobs. For the stool, you could keep old records, photo albums or craft supplies tucked away. For the window seat, this could be an excellent way to keep spare bedding, books on your reading list or other important items that don’t currently have a home. In such a small room, you should choose furniture that has multiple purposes. Everything in this space must fight to be there – ask yourself: is it useful? What can I store in/on it? If the item in question is barely justifying one use then it’s worth reconsidering.

An extra bed or two

Here at Noa and Nani, we have a beautiful selection of day beds that are perfect for your spare/box room. They can be used as a comfy seat during the day and a bed come night time. We also offer day beds that come with a trundle bed underneath, giving you two spare beds for friends and family to stay over. Your box room could become a sanctuary for quiet reading while relaxing on a day bed, a place to enjoy some meditation or simply an area to get away from the hustle and bustle of family life. When you open the door to this room, you don’t want the stress of seeing junk and clutter that you haven’t got around to sorting – instead, make this room work for you and your family. Isabella Day Bed with Pull out Trundle in White - Noa & Nani cropped

Article by Mickey Bryant