How to Keep the Kids Entertained in Half Term

How to Keep the Kids Entertained in Half Term
School’s out, the kids are home and the weather is miserable. How are you meant to entertain restless little ones without causing burnout for yourself? Don’t stress – we’ve put together five brilliant ideas that are super easy to organise and promise to keep children from going stir crazy this half term. Who knows, you might even have fun yourself!


We couldn’t think of a more cosy and joyful activity than baking a cake on a rainy afternoon. Not only does baking entertain kids for hours, but they also get to eat their delicious creation at the end. Fun activity plus sweat treat? It’s a no-brainer. From chocolate chip cookies to pretty fairy cakes, there are loads of simple and scrumptious recipes online for children. Extra points if you convince them to do the washing up!


It’s amazing how a table full of glitter, coloured card, paint, felt tip pens and feathers can keep budding artists occupied for an entire afternoon. Ask them to draw each family member or make an animal mask. Getting arty is a brilliant way to strengthen children’s creative skills… as well as giving parents some much-needed peace and quiet!


Was there anything more exciting than having a sleepover with all your besties when you were little? But now you’re a parent, throwing a sleepover for a bunch of excitable kids doesn’t sound quite so thrilling… Relax - it doesn’t have to be a raucous pyjama party! Simply set the kids up with a funky den area, classic movie and buckets of popcorn and they’ll be out of your hair all evening.

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Country Walk

Got cabin fever? If the weather permits, a country walk is perfect for engaging overactive children. Check out the National Trust website for loads of interesting places to visit that are sure to delight curious kids. From bird spotting on nature trails to feeding animals at stately home farms, the great outdoors offers endless adventures for mini explorers.


Still raining? Visiting the cinema is an exciting excursion when the day is miserable and you’ve OD’d on the glitter crafts and cookie baking. Most cinemas offer discounted adult and children tickets for morning viewings of classic family films at the weekends and half term. With most tickets costing only £2.50, it’s a cheap and enthralling day out for all the family! What have you got planned for half term? If sleepovers are on the cards, check out our Day Bed collection to ensure you can accommodate extra sleepy heads!

Article by Mickey