How To Decide If A Loft Bed Is Right For You

How To Decide If A Loft Bed Is Right For You
If you’ve been drawn in by one of our brilliant high sleeper beds, then you probably need to assess if it’s the right choice for your children and your home. As a great investment, the high sleeper bed can provide a range of positives to bedrooms – especially smaller rooms – and can be an exciting choice of bed for your young ones. However, there are some more practical things to consider before you buy one.

Why Buy A Loft Bed?

Thankfully, we’ve put together some of the pros and cons of buying a loft bed to assist you in making the perfect choice for your family home.

Pros of a Loft Bed

Optimise Room Space

The best thing about choosing a loft bed is that it utilises ceiling space that would not usually be used to make sure you’re getting the most out of the space. The higher bed means that there is extra floor space that the bed isn’t using that is perfect for fun and playing.

Extra Storage

Loft beds take under bed storage to a whole new level. With the higher positioning of the bed, a loft bed provides the perfect space underneath that can fit extra drawers, wardrobes or storage containers that will keep the bedroom looking neat and tidy.

Stylish Choice

At Noa & Nani, we have a great variety of styles in our high sleeper range. Crafted from high-quality materials like pine and finished with an array of beautiful, neutral colours, there’s a loft bed to suit a range of decors. There are also different style options available in our range, including different heights, designs and ladder options.

Extra Features

Most of our high sleepers offer so much more than just a bed! Choose from loft beds that include desks, built-in tables, extra shelving, space for a wardrobe underneath and so much more. With a loft bed, you’re going to be paying for these extra features that can make a huge difference, especially to a smaller room.

Cons of a Loft Bed

There are some more practical things to consider before you buy a loft bed, here are a couple to think about.

Harder To Change Bedding

Changing the bed sheets for a loft bed is no easy task. Make sure you’re prepared for the struggle of trying to reach each corner from up a ladder. If this doesn’t sound for you, then a loft bed probably isn’t the best choice.

Not A Good Choice For Low Ceilings

If you don’t have a lot of ceiling space or the room you want the loft bed for has low ceilings, then a loft bed most likely won’t work in the space. It’s vital to measure up the space you have with the height of the bed before you make any purchases.

Better For Older Children

Loft beds are ideal for children over the age of 6, which means if you’re looking to buy a new, exciting bed for a younger child, it’s probably not the best choice yet. Until they’re old enough, your little one might be better off with a cabin bed – they have all the fun of a loft bed without the height!

What Age Is a Loft Bed Suitable For?

As a loft bed requires your child to climb for access, loft beds are suitable for children over 6 years to ensure they are old enough to understand the risks of climbing on the ladder. Only purchase a loft bed for your child when you feel they will be comfortable and able to climb up and down the ladder to access the high sleeper.

If a loft bed is too high, is a mid sleeper better?

If you don’t think you’re ready to invest in a loft bed, then a mid sleeper bed might be the perfect alternative. Mid sleepers provide many of the positive benefits of a loft bed; you gain storage space, they utilise the higher space of the room, and they’re an exciting, stylish bed for your children’s bedroom. The extra benefits of a mid sleeper, compared to a loft bed, is that they aren’t as high – making them less of a risk for your children and an easier job of making the bed for parents! Whichever of our Noa & Nani children’s beds you choose we can guarantee that you and your children will benefit. Our children’s beds combine all the positives of an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable bed that fits perfectly with a range of decors – making them a long term, childhood investment that won’t disappoint.

Article by Alex Tolofson