How To Create A Scandi Living Room

How To Create A Scandi Living Room
Scandi style living room interior and living room furniture has become more and more popular over time. These minimalistic, simple interiors are inspired by the Scandinavian decor styles that aim to brighten up homes in the long winters and create the ideal outside world within the walls of your house. Choosing a Scandi style for your living room will transform the room into a bright, open space that offers functionality and purpose. It removes clutter that serves no purpose and allows you to make the best of the space available—making your living room the perfect place to relax as a family after a busy day apart. If an open, spacious living room space is what you’re aiming to achieve, then Scandinavian interior design might just be for you. Follow these best tips from Noa & Nani to let us help you achieve it.

Incorporate Nature

Nature is a significant element of Scandi interior decor, focusing on the idea of bringing the beauty of the outside world into our homes to make it an even happier place to be. You can take some simple steps to incorporate the best of nature into your living room:

Neutral Colours

Scandinavian decor is designed to provide a bright space full of light that the population often can’t get from the long, dark winters they have to endure. Opting for white walls will create the perfect large surface for both natural and artificial light to bounce off and add airiness in your living room.

Wooden Flooring

Opting for wooden flooring will continue to brighten the space up and bring more of nature inside with the different wooden textures it provides. Compliment the bare floor with a decorative, neutral coloured rug that will add warmth to the room and create the perfect balance of spaciousness and cosy.

Neutral Colours

If you think about Scandi living room decor as bringing the best of the outside into the inside, then you’ll understand the importance of layering neutral tones throughout the room – choose tan, browns, greens and greys to really bring the Scandi style to life. These colours will add a subtle depth to the room whilst keeping it warm and cosy for the whole family to snuggle up together and enjoy.


Greenery is also the perfect way to transform your living space into a Scandi haven. Adding some plants into your living room space will bring nature’s beauty inside to fill up those open spaces and help create an even cosier environment. Choose big potted plants for corners of the room and add smaller ones throughout.

Scandi Minimalism

Scandi minimalism is the idea of less clutter in a room whilst still creating a cosy space you want to relax in. It is incorporating simplistic designs into your home decor that doesn’t leave you needing anything more. This is why Scandi living room furniture aims to serve a purpose, rather than just taking up space. This is why the Scandi style loves clean lines and basic shapes because you’re not overstressing the eye and keeping the look as minimal as possible. You can also achieve Scandi minimalist design by only using living room furniture that you need; cover the basics! Think sofa, TV stand and coffee table – do you really need anything more? By not trying to squeeze more furniture into your living space, you’ll have already ticked off the minimalistic, purposeful boxes that help you achieve a Scandi living room design. This also leaves space to incorporate more of your family’s personality into the area rather than filling it with stuff.

What Is A Scandi Sofa?

Your sofa is usually the focal point of your living room, so what is the best sofa to choose for a Scandi living room? Scandi style loves clean lines, simple shapes and textured materials and your sofa can be the best way to incorporate all three at once. Worn, leather sofas can be the key way to get some colour and texture into your clean, airy space and help create that Scandi look you’re aiming for. If leather isn’t for you, then choose neutral coloured sofas decorated with patterned cushions to achieve the Nordic-style look in another way. Where you can, choose sofas with wooden legs to add extra layers of wood throughout the room and continue with the nature theme.

Warm Lighting

To get that Scandi style just right, you need to ensure you choose warm lighting for your space. Think warm yellow bulbs in your floor lamps and warm bulbs in industrial style hanging lighting that hangs centrally to the room. These warm tones will bounce off the white walls and bare flooring to create the perfect illusion of the golden hour whenever you need it.

Accent Features

Minimalistic doesn’t have to mean bare. Match the simplistic neutral tones and reduced clutter with layered textures and patterns to achieve the perfect Scandi living room style. Decorate the sofa with pattern cushions, opt for wooden-style blinds to layer even more wood textures into the room and utilise gorgeous textiles in the shape of rugs or blankets to really bring the space to life. You can really have fun with your Scandi living room’s accent features and add a personal touch to the clean, airy interior you’ve created. Your Scandi living room design should achieve the perfect balance of spaciousness and light with homely and comfortable when completed. If you’ve added a little bit of everything that we’ve suggested today, then you should be going home to the perfect living room that can offer you solace from the elements all year round. Check out our complete range of Otto furniture at Noa & Nani today to achieve that minimalistic, multi-purpose furniture style that best suits the Scandi interiors!

Article by Alex Tolofson