How to Create a Kids Treehouse Bedroom in 5 Steps

How to Create a Kids Treehouse Bedroom in 5 Steps

If your little one loves nature and adventure, then we have the perfect bedroom theme to suit their little imaginations. Transform your children’s room into their very own treehouse, where they can make their own adventures and sleep soundly ‘under the stars’. This exciting theme is quite easy to achieve with just a few simple steps, so follow our top 5 tips today to find out how you can create a treehouse themed bedroom for your children today.

1. Choose a Treehouse Bed

Choosing a treehouse bed for your child’s room is, of course, the first step in creating a treehouse themed bedroom. This is the piece of furniture that will move the theming away from simple accessories into a world-building den. At Noa & Nani, we have a wide selection of treehouse cabin beds on offer, all of which will make your children feel as though they have their own private space outside of the home. So, if your child loves fantasy play, this is the perfect way to help expand their imagination in a safe and secure environment.

Treehouse cabin beds are available in a plethora of neutral colours, which would not look out of place built into an actual tree. Plus, you can explore treehouse beds that offer either simple frame structures or choose something more detailed, with a full roof covering and little windows reminiscent of a wendy house style. Or, for a simple aesthetic, opt for a treehouse cabin bed constructed with an open roof and single beam framing. Then add more to the design by stringing bunting from the posts or wrapping twinkling fairy lights around the structure.

For a more immersive design, treehouse cabin beds are available with full coverings, windows and even slide exits to create a space that is built equally for playtime as it is for sleeping. These mid sleeper beds raise children above the ground so that they truly feel as though they are sleeping in their own treehouse hideaway, but in a much safer capacity that all parents can get behind.

2. Decorate the Ceiling

Next, to make your children feel as though they are sleeping directly beneath the stars, we recommend decorating the ceiling to mimic the sky.

For a light space, recreate the daytime sky with a light blue ceiling and hang paper lanterns, kites or fluffy clouds using clear strings and threads to enhance the illusion. By choosing a baby blue colour, you can bring more light into the room and make your children feel as though they’re playing under the sun even in the dead of winter. Plus, why not create a centrepiece with a bright and bold sun mural in the corner of the room, or choose a pendant light to represent the sun in the centre of the ceiling?

If your child loves the idea of camping and sleeping under the stars, then opting for a darker sky may be the better option. We recommend painting the ceiling a deep navy blue to avoid the room becoming too dark and then let your imagination soar for how to recreate a starry night sky. Of course, you could keep it simple by choosing glow-in-the-dark adhesive stars we all know and love from our childhoods. Alternatively, get creative with painting a starry night that is visible at all hours of the day.

3. Blend the Walls with Nature

The walls need the same treatment as the ceiling to create an immersive treehouse themed bedroom. Paint every wall a bright and vibrant green to mimic the leaves of the treehouse and help your child feel as though they are right in the middle of nature. Or, if this is too much green for your taste, then why not only use green for the wall that their bed is pushed up against, and then choose a light blue to mimic the sky or more neutral colours for the rest of the room?

If you’re feeling really creative, add some wall art with painted leaves and branches on the walls to recreate a real treehouse-style environment. For an extra cute touch, add birds and more nature and wildlife that your child loves. On blue walls, keep it simple with painted clouds to add an extra dimension to the room and make the space feel larger than life.

4. Put Little Feet Back on the Ground

To make the room feel taller, choose neutral flooring or carpet that will make your child feel as though they are well above ground on their mid-sleeper bed. To reinforce the outdoor aesthetic, decorate with a plush green rug to represent grass on the floor and create a comfortable space for playtime.

The flooring in your child’s room needs to be practical and simple to fit the theming, but luckily, it is not a major part of the design, as the whole point of the layout is to make your child feel as though they are high above the floor. For a simple and effective way to decorate the space and keep the actual floor clean, we recommend exploring our wide range of children’s rugs to find an option that fits the space well with both size and design.

5. Finish with Accessories!

Finally, now that you have all of the major furniture in the room covered, you can have fun finishing the theming with accessories!

We think that to create the perfect treehouse themed bedroom that fake plants and plenty of greenery are a must. Line the windowsill with small potted plants, or choose tall and larger artificial plants to take up empty corner space and fan out leaves to recreate the nature vibe.

If your child loves the nature and treehouse theme, then they probably also love the idea of camping. Bring this element of their imaginative play into their bedroom with a selection of pop-up play tents, which are as stylish as they are fun. Set-up in a corner of their room, they will help create more playtime areas in the room or act as a ‘chill-out zone’ where they can wind down with a book and relax after running around all morning. Now that you have read through our top 5 tips to creating a treehouse themed bedroom, you can get creative with bringing these ideas to life. Explore our full range of children’s furniture available at Noa & Nani today for even more style inspiration.

Article by Alex Tolofson