Hello Kitty Bedroom Ideas

Hello Kitty Bedroom Ideas
If your child likes the colour pink, then they will undoubtedly love Hello Kitty. With pink as a running theme, Hello Kitty is the infamous Japanese cartoon character that has been a favourite for generations of children across the world. If your young one is one of these many fans, then we have the perfect guide on how to incorporate their favourite character into their own bedroom space easily, where they can be surrounded by all of their favourite things. At Noa & Nani, we believe the family home should be both practical and homely, that’s why we want to help you make the best out of your child’s bedroom with all the fun of Hello Kitty.

Everything Hello Kitty

If your children are Hello Kitty obsessed, then the ideal concept for their bedroom might be to go all out and get Hello Kitty everything! From lampshade to rug, curtains to bedding, teddies to toys, one of the ways to dedicate your children’s bedroom to Hello Kitty is to have it all. If Hello Kitty is your children’s latest obsession then they would surely love you going that bit OTT: think wall murals or Hello Kitty wallpaper, bunting, blankets, lamps and even Hello Kitty drawer handles. Less isn’t always more when it’s something your children love and, by transforming their room, you might just create a space they’ll be happy to call their own.
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Hello Kitty Statement Pieces

If your child’s likes and dislikes change like the weather and you’re not quite ready to make the total Hello Kitty commitment, then we have the answer. If you know our brand by now, you’ll already understand how versatile our range of children’s cabin beds are, and luckily for you, this includes an option of Hello Kitty themed cabin beds fitted with all the right tents and accessories. With easily adjustable and removed accessories, our cabin beds will give your children’s room that pop of Hello Kitty without the long time commitment, whilst helping you utilise the room’s full space and providing more space for your little ones to play. As a statement investment piece, our cabin beds can easily grow with your children’s interests and provide them with a comfortable space to rest their head. Match your children’s new Hello Kitty cabin bed with clean, white walls or even a subtle hint of grey and you’ll have a Hello Kitty themed room that can grow with your children and won’t require constant redecorating. It also means you can easily find children’s furniture to match and complete the full look without having to scour every shop, making your life as a parent both easier and cheaper! Hello Kitty midsleeper cabin bed with ladder, tent and tunnel

Pink, Pink and Pinker

Whether you decide to go Hello Kitty everything or to just implement a few bits and pieces as ode to your children’s favourite cartoon character, no room screams Hello Kitty without a pink overload! Pink walls, pink accessories, pink bedding – when it comes to decor, just make sure to choose the brightest shade of pink and you’ll already be halfway there to creating the Hello Kitty haven your children need. If you can’t find the right shade of pink furniture then DIY your favourite white pieces and create a Hello Kitty hub for your children to enjoy. Whether it’s bed time or play time, your Hello Kitty-lovers will want to spend all their time in their newly decorated room. Choosing the right accessories for your children’s room means they can have a Hello Kitty theme on a budget, meaning no need for decorating. Instead, you can enhance the space they already have to suit their current favourite interests. Hello Kitty themed cabin bed with ladder and slide From Hello Kitty room accessories to a Hello Kitty themed bed, whether you go all out our subtly include some Hello Kitty themed pieces into your children’s room, it’s a certainty that they’ll love their room’s new theme. Incorporate their favourite cartoon character, stick to the colour theme and you’ll be well on the way to creating the perfect space for them to call their own. Browse all of our themed cabin beds and choose from your favourite to create the perfect bedroom for your children today.

Article by Alex Tolofson