Grey Living Room Ideas

Grey Living Room Ideas
Grey has become the perfect all-around colour for home decoration and is entirely on-trend right now. It’s a colour that can be dressed up or dressed down to create the perfect look to suit your home, making it the ideal colour choice for your living room. The living room is a family space that should be designed with the comfort of everyone in mind. Incorporating grey into the decor is an easy way to create a cosy yet elegant room for all to enjoy – even the little ones. If you’re looking for some grey living room furniture and ideas, then Noa & Nani have got you covered. We’ve put together some grey living room designs that are easy to achieve and look perfect once you’ve followed them. Forget wondering why you should create a grey living room and start listening to how!

Layer Up Grey Tones For Warmth

When decorating your living space, you don’t have to choose just one grey shade; there’s plenty to choose from. In fact, you can add depth, warmth and sophistication to your living space interior if you choose a few of these different shades of grey to layer together throughout the room. More than one grey shade will add more dimensions to your interior style and stop the colours from looking flat in the room. For example, pairing light grey walls with a dark grey sofa and finishing off with a subtle grey rug can create the perfect, grey living room haven. Layering grey hues throughout the space will stop the cold of one blue-grey colour from overwhelming the interior, and it will add more warmth to the area to create a cosy living room.

Pair Grey With Neutral Colours To Make Grey Homely

Rather than layering different grey shades throughout the room, pair the soft colour with gentle neutral colours such as nude, tan, cream and white and make grey your bold, statement colour. Again, this will warm up the coolness of the grey and make the space much more inviting. Matching white with grey will create a clean finish to your living room and create an elegant space that will complement a range of sofas and accessories. Pair more of nature with these neutral shades by including some potted plants around the room, and you’ll transform your living room into the perfect place for the family to reunite at the end of the day.

Match Grey With An Accent Colour For Boldness

Greyscale living room interiors aren’t for everyone. If you want to create a bolder, more eye-catching design for your living room then matching grey with an accent colour is the perfect way to do it. Adding splashes of colour throughout the space will help make your living room a bit more child-friendly and brighten the room up immensely. Grey can be beautifully complemented by bold colours like light blue, mustard yellow or deep brown, which will all bring your living room to life. Honestly, we think you’d have difficulty finding a colour that grey doesn’t look good with, which is why it is such a versatile colour. Once you’ve decided on your accent colour, you can easily include these colours through wall art, sofa cushions, coffee table books, lampshades and other little tropes.

Create A Stylish Monochrome Living Room Look

A grey living room can also look great with some patterns. Incorporating some black and white patterns and prints into your living room interior, to match your grey shades will result in a stylish monochrome look. Monochrome interior never goes out of style, so you’ll be creating an everlasting decor that can be perfectly kept for years to come.

Choose Grey Furniture

If you’re not ready to take the plunge to decorate your walls or carpets grey, then why not take baby steps and choose grey furniture to complement the rest of your living room design. Grey can be matched beautifully with pretty much any colour, so it shouldn’t be hard to find the perfect grey living room furniture to include in your interior. Grey furniture can be easily incorporated into a range of living room designs, so this is the perfect way to slowly transform your family space into a grey living room. In our range of Noa & Nani grey living room furniture, we have high-quality coffee tables, sideboard cupboards and display dressers that will all add something special to your homely living room. Decorated in subtle greys, these pieces are ideal for effortlessly, including some of the on-trend colours into your living room. Whichever way you choose to transform your living room into the perfect grey living room, you won’t be disappointed by the evergreen style of interior you’ll create. Whether you prefer comfy and cosy, warm and inviting, luxurious and elegant or sophisticated and high-end, a grey living room is a perfect answer for your interior design. Browse through our complete selection of grey living room furniture and choose your favourites to compliment your new interior today.

Article by Alex Tolofson