Grey Dining Room Ideas

Grey Dining Room Ideas
Grey is the perfect versatile colour to choose to redecorate your dining room fashionably. Whether you want to brighten the room or give it more depth, playing around with the colour grey throughout your dining room decor can help you do all this. Recently taking over the interior design world, everybody is choosing grey to spice up their dining rooms and make their house a home. At Noa & Nani, we can help you find your grey dining room inspiration today so you and your family can share a meal in a setting suited to you.

Why is grey the perfect dining room colour?

Choosing a grey colour palette for your dining room will put you right at the forefront of interior trends. But why do so many people love the colour grey?

Grey is Sophisticated

The colour grey is beautifully complex, which is why it makes an excellent choice for a range of interior styles. Grey is a versatile colour that will provide endless decor opportunities for your dining room to suit you. You can dress the colour grey up with other monochrome tones and with marble textures to create a formal and elegant look but, you can also accompany grey with a variety of lighter and warmer shades that will make any room feel homely. Layering greys within any interior will add textures and depth to your room that feels inviting to all. Whatever style you’re aiming for, the colour grey is versatile enough to help you achieve it fashionably. Elegant, grey dining room with metallic coloured accessories

Grey Balances Warm and Cool Tones

Grey is no longer the dull colour between black and white. Grey comes in many shades, ranging from cool, blue-greys, to metallic silvers and through to charcoal at the other end of the spectrum. Whether you’re on the hunt for a wintery shade to cool a room down or a neutral stone hue to warm it back up, grey can do both! Matched with the right type of lighting the colour grey will bring your dining room to life in the most beautiful way.

Neutral with a Twist

Incorporating the colour grey into your dining room makes neutral tones much less dull. Not only has it got more depth, but grey is also a livelier neutral colour than alternatives such as sand or tan. The colour grey is the perfect in-between for those wanting to keep their dining room a neutral colour that is easy to accessorise, without it being too simplistic. Yellow and grey dining room

Accenting Grey with Bold Colours is Easy

Grey can be a beautiful statement colour for your dining room but can also be accentuated by a range of other colours perfectly to suit your exact style. Whether you choose bright metallics such as copper or silver, bring your grey dining room to life with a yellow undertone, or stick to the basics of monochrome, all of these options will look beautiful in the comfort of your dining room. Here are just a few ideas on how to incorporate the colour grey into your home, effortlessly.

Layering Shades of Grey

If a grey dining room is what you want, don’t limit yourself to choosing just one shade. Layer different hues of grey throughout your dining room to create a stunning greyscale look for the overall room. Incorporate light grey dining chairs, a dark grey dining table and complimentary grey dining walls. Dining room with grey walls, grey dining table and grey chairs Paint your walls light shades of grey that the natural light can reflect off to brighten up the whole room and contrast them with darker grey upholstery. Less isn’t always more when you find a decor style you love and especially when it comes to grey interior. Experiment breaking up your grey with colourful centrepieces for your dining table and bright white dinner plates – all of which will make those grey shades stand out even more.

Dark Grey Dining Room

Add a beautiful depth to your dining room when you opt for a dark grey decor. Supplement your light grey dining table with dark grey walls and matching dark grey seating to create a trendy, modern look in one of your home’s key rooms. Dark grey dining room with monochrome artwork and light grey chairs Layer monochrome designs through your wall art and dining centrepieces to get every grey shade on the spectrum looking fabulous in your dining space and making the dark grey of your walls stand out. Utilise warm lighting to brighten up every corner of the space and show off every shade of grey you’ve injected into your decor.

Grey & Wood Dining Room Decor

Decorate your dining room with modern greys and warm wood tones to balance the contemporary with the traditional in a beautiful way. The natural hues and warming colours that comes from inserting wooden tones into your dining room will balance the iciness of the grey and provide your dining room with a Scandi-style ambience. Choose wooden dining tables and simplistic wall colours to keep your grey dining room decor soft and aesthetically pleasing. Opt for a dining bench to offer a modern twist on an old-style dining classic and to create the perfect space for all the family. Accessorise your rustic grey dining room with textured rugs or table cloths to add further to the Scandinavian feel of your dining room.

Light Grey Dining Room

Make your grey dining room light and airy by choosing grey as the room’s accent colour. Opt for bright whites and open spaces to create a minimalistic design that catches every ray of the natural light. Let the grey hues be the pop of colour in your dining room; whether this is by incorporating light grey dining chairs, grey wall art or grey dinner sets. Spacious dining room with light grey dining chairs Whichever style of grey dining room you choose you won’t be disappointed! The colour grey will help transform your shared family space into a homely room for all the family to enjoy. Explore our full range of dining room furniture that will accentuate your grey dining room to suit your style.

Article by Alex Tolofson