Fun Fairytale Bedroom Ideas: Top Tips For A Fantastical Bedroom Theme

Fun Fairytale Bedroom Ideas: Top Tips For A Fantastical Bedroom Theme
Your child’s bedroom is a place for them to be creative, to enjoy some time alone and to rest after a busy day learning lots of new things. Incorporating a fairytale theme into your children’s bedrooms offers them the world of magical creatures, beautiful colours and quirky prints that will make even the smallest of bedrooms seem like their own magical kingdom, encouraging their imaginations to run wild from the comfort of their own homes. Let the beauty of fiction walk right off the page and into your children’s bedrooms by following these tips:

1. A Comfortable Bed, Fit For A Princess

Just like in The Princess and the Pea, the focal point of any room is the bed, so where better a place to get the sense of magic started? At Noa and Nani, we have some great options such as the Christopher treehouse, for that enchanted forest feel or our princess fairytale cabin bed with slide, tower, tunnel, top pocket and tent that will bring the comfort of a real castle to your children’s bedroom. Finish off the look with a garland of fairies or birds and some twinkly LED lights and you’ve already got the foundations of a fantastical-themed bedroom. Whichever of our top quality cabin beds you choose, they all provide plenty of storage space to hide away toys, books and other non-essential items that detract from the decoration and keep the place neat and tidy. From there, there’s just the bedding to think about – will it be dragons, princesses or knights? The choices are endless...

2. The Lion, the Witch and a Really Good Wardrobe

A vintage-inspired wardrobe could add an extra sense of fairytale to the mix, especially if it offers room inside for plenty of make believe lions and witches! Something wooden and roomy will do the trick, along with a weathered-wood finish like our Tobie Wardrobe to bring some old-fashioned charm and inspire imagination that it homes its own mystical world. Other items that will add to the look include a rocking horse – ideal for fuelling adventures far and wide, all from the comfort of the bedroom. It could be worth investing in a handmade horse that can be passed down from child to child over the years, or you could give a vintage second-hand horse a new home so it can join in the fairytale fun.

3. Add The Mystical World of Snow White With an Enchanted Mirror

You can’t have a fairytale bedroom without an enchanted mirror. Pick one that is large and oval with an ornate look to it – perfect for your children to reenact some ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the fairest of them all?’ moments. A mirror is also good for trying out all the outfits in their dressing up box, helping your little ones get into character as they play out their imaginative stories in real life. Make extra sure it’s securely fixed in case of accidents and then you’re good to go!

4. Books, books and More Books

Fairytales would be nothing without the masses of books we read as a child, with each page drawing on our imaginations and bringing them to life. Inserting a great book shelf into your children’s bedroom will not only add to the old-world aesthetic but it will make sure all the brilliant stories that have inspired their room decor are only an arm’s length away.

5. Let The Characters Walk from The Book Pages With Vivid Colours

When it comes to wall colour, you can keep it simple with tonal pastels and contrasting greys that overlook the kingdom, get creative with adventurous wallpaper or even paint your own motif. Blue skies and clouds are a simple option, plus you can get the little ones involved by letting them colour in the clouds or even give them a portion of the wall to draw whatever they please. If it becomes a scribbly mess you can paint straight over, if it’s a success it can be a sweet reminder of the fun they had! Whatever you do choose for the walls, make sure you have splashes of vivid colours that make the room feel like the illustrations have walked straight out of your child’s favourite book.
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Hopefully, we’ve given you a few inspiring ways to transform your children’s bedroom into their own magical land. Whether you choose to follow all the tips or even just one, you are still guaranteed to spark their imaginations and have them bringing their favourite stories to life right at the heart of their rooms. Check out our full selection of children’s bedroom furniture and make sure you have everything you need today!

Article by Mickey Bryant