Flat Pack Bed & Furniture Guide

Flat Pack Bed & Furniture Guide
If your new bed is on its way and is being delivered in a flat pack box, then have no fear. Noa & Nani are here with the ultimate guide to flat pack furniture to help you through the assembly process. Flat pack furniture doesn’t have to be for the DIY experts. Our top tips will ensure everyone can build their flat pack furniture with ease. The right combination of patience, preparation and knowledge will make the task of building your flat pack furniture much more straightforward and have your new bed read to sleep on in no time.

What Is Flat Pack Furniture?

Flat pack is the phrase we use when furniture is ready-to-assemble, rather than delivered ready-made. This type of furniture often requires no extra parts or tools than what comes in the box and is meant to be, generally, easy to assemble. Flat pack furniture is so popular because they make shipping much easier and cheaper, meaning you can get high-quality furniture for less straight to your door! They also make moving furniture simple, especially if you’re planning on moving house.

Preparing To Assemble Flat Pack Furniture

Prepare To Assemble In The Correct Room

Ensuring you’re well prepared for building your new, flat pack furniture can be crucial to your success. It’s key to assemble the furniture in the room you plan it to be in; as you don’t want to be stuck with your new double bed in the living room once it’s assembled.

Clear Enough Space For Flat Pack Assembly

Clearing out space for you to work within the room is also vital as working in a small space will slow the process down and be stressful!

Lay Out Each Piece

Flat pack furniture usually comes with a detailed list of the parts included and a key to explain what they are. Make sure you’re well-organised before you start to assemble your flat pack furniture by laying out everything that’s come in the box clearly, double-checking that everything you should have is there and cross-referencing with the list. This is a vital step to do before starting to build, checking nothing has been misplaced that will stop your build from being successful.

Check You Have The Correct Tools

Most flat pack furniture includes everything you might need to set up, i.e. alan keys or spanners but, it’s always best to double-check you have it all before you start to assemble it. Some flat pack furniture may require a hammer or other tool that isn’t included in the box.

Protect Your Flooring

A vital tip to remember is to layout and assemble your furniture on top of soft carpet, a rug or a blanket. This will stop any of the furniture from scratching your flooring or damaging any of your home furnishings.

Don’t Throw Packaging Away Until The End

Even once you’ve checked everything you need is in the box, make sure not to throw your flat pack furniture packaging away until the end. The assembly process can often highlight any issues with some of the fittings you’ve been sent, and you don’t want to be left without any way to return the furniture if needed!

How To Build Flat Pack Furniture

Follow Instructions

The most important thing when building flat pack furniture is to follow the instructions carefully. As tempting as it can be just to jump straight in, reading your instructions through first will prepare you for what you’re going to have to do and help avoid any obstacles later on.

Don’t Get Ahead Of Yourself

The instructions manual is ordered for a reason, just because you’ve guessed what pieces go where you shouldn’t try and build the flat pack furniture without following the instructions step by step.

Have Patience

Don’t rush into building your flat pack furniture. Taking it step by step and ensuring you’ve done each instruction correctly will help you create a piece of furniture that is long-lasting rather than it being flimsy or incorrect.

Get A Helping Hand

It is always better to have help to put up your flat pack furniture. An extra set of hands will make sure you have someone to hold pieces in place whilst you secure them, will provide a spare pair of eyes to read instructions and might even make the process a bit more fun.

Check Your Work

Once you’ve completed all the steps on the flat pack instruction manual, then it’s time to check your work. Take a good look at all the different pieces and sides to check they’re not damaged and securely fastened together. Tighten all screws and fixings to make sure the bed/furniture is sturdy and durable, and then you’re ready to go!

Top Tips For Building Flat Pack Furniture

  • Be methodical – stay organised from the start, and you’ll be well on your way to assembling the perfect flat pack furniture.
  • Take your time – patience is critical when assembling furniture, rushing ahead of the instructions might lead to missing parts out and result in an unsatisfactory piece of furniture.
  • Use your floor space – don’t try and build your flat pack furniture straight out of the box. Use the full floor space available because the bigger the furniture you’re assembling is, the more you’ll need.
  • Accept help – if you have an extra pair of hand available, then use them! Flat pack assembling is so much easier when you have someone else who can hold things in place to guarantee a real tight fitting.
Flat pack furniture can be high-quality pieces of furniture, and you want to do your best on assembling to make sure they look this way too. With the right amount of patience and meticulous care, your new furniture will be built in no time. Now you’re fully equipped with all the top tips on assembling your flat pack furniture, make sure to take a good look at our full range of Noa & Nani beds to put your furniture-building skills to the test.

Article by Alex Tolofson