Dining Table Buyers Guide

Dining Table Buyers Guide

At Noa & Nani, we believe that the dining area is the heart of your home. Where families re-group in the evening to catch up and talk about their days, where we share a drink and laugh with friends, and where we spend many joyous and special occasions celebrating. With so many memories made right at your dining table, don’t you think it's important to set the right scene and make everyone as comfortable as possible?

So, if you have found yourself shopping for a new dining table, then we are here to help! Our dining table buyers guide will see you through the selection of your new dining table to suit your home, style and family perfectly. Keep reading for all the advice you will need and some helpful tips and thinking points that you might not have even considered!

Does your Dining Table have a Purpose?

Aside from the obvious, what is the purpose of your dining table? This is something you might want to think about before you choose a dining table for your home. For example, for some, dining tables are often placeholders that simply fill empty space in the home chosen just because we feel we need them. Perhaps you prefer to eat in the kitchen or living room, or you eat out a lot instead, then the practicality or function of your dining table is not high on your list. If this sounds like you, then you have more freedom in the kind of dining table that you pick; as long as it fits seamlessly into the space, then you can indulge in style rather than purpose. Keep reading to find out more about our style tips.

Of course, on the reverse side of this are homes where dining tables are somewhat of a social hotspot. Families that regularly sit down together at the dining table need to feel comfortable in their space, so it is a lot more important that you choose a table to fit everyone. Think about shape and size, is your dining table going to fit every member of the family around it and ensure that conversation flows? Choose a round dining table to create a space that offers equal respect among family members and ensures everyone feels a part of the conversation and atmosphere. You might also want to choose a dining table that is easy to clean and maintain; with frequent use, accidents and spillages are bound to happen, so minimise stress with an appropriate dining option.

Consider the Size of your Dining Space

Furniture looks its best when it fits comfortably in the room, so create a seamless atmosphere by focusing on the size and shape of your dining table. Choosing the perfect size for your dining area will ensure you get the maximum amount of space out of your home. A dining table that is too big will overwhelm the space, whereas a dining table that is too small might look odd and out of place.

If you have a small dining room, or you’re looking to create a new dining area in the spare space of another room in your home, then we suggest opting for a round table. Round dining tables with pedestal bases create an illusion of more space and also allow for extra seating to be added due to the lack of table legs taking up space. Plus, by literally cutting corners, you can save some unfortunate guests from having to sit on the very edges of the table and straddling table legs to be able to fit!

Larger dining rooms have much more flexibility when it comes to size and shape, but be mindful of filling the space and not underwhelming the atmosphere with a too-small table. We find that rectangular dining tables look best in larger rooms, perhaps paired with a mix of dining chairs and bench seating options, and this creates a feature furniture piece. Dining tables styled like this also offer both practicality and style, whether you’re hosting a dinner party for friends or just creating a cosy space for everyday use.

Top Tip: Measurements!

Before purchasing your dining table, you should measure the available space in the room to ensure your table will fit comfortably. A good rule of thumb is to leave at least 36 inches between the table and wall or other pieces of furniture. This is to ensure that people can move comfortably around the table and it is not too tight of a squeeze. Leaving 42-48 inches of space spare is a better fit and will ensure your dining room feels more open.

How Many Can Your Dining Table Seat?

We recommend that each guest at your dining table has at least 24 inches of table space, however, 30 inches is more comfortable for extra elbow space. To help you ensure you’re choosing the right table size, take a look at our measurement guide below.

Rectangular Tables
  • To Comfortably seat 6 = 72 inch long Rectangular Table
  • To Comfortably seat 8 = 96 inch long Rectangular Table
  • To Comfortably seat 10 = 120 inch long Rectangular Table
Round Tables
  • To Comfortably seat 4 = 36 - 48 inch Round Table
  • To Comfortably seat 6 = 60 inch Round Table
  • To Comfortably seat 8 = 72 inch Round Table

Finding the Right Style

Finally, now that you have all the practicalities out of the way, you can focus on choosing the right style of dining table for your home. Whether you love the minimalist and modern style or prefer something homely and classic, we have dining tables at Noa & Nani to suit every decor and preference.

Different styles of furniture can look amazing blended together, so don’t worry if you have existing sideboards or cabinets in your dining room that are not part of a matching set. If your home is quite traditional, then opt for a wooden table in brown, mahogany and dark tones and finishes. Alternatively, simple and modern themes are established with light-toned tables with smooth and clean lines. Whatever your style, you are sure to find the perfect table in our collection today to elevate your dining space and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.Once you have your perfect dining table chosen, it’s time to have fun matching dining chairs and bench seating to your table to create the perfect dining set-up. Explore our full range of dining room furniture on offer now.

Article by Alex Tolofson