Dining Room Storage Ideas

Dining Room Storage Ideas
Whether it’s late work nights or getting the children sat down ready to eat smoothly, everyone wants dinner time to be quick, easy and to avoid chaos. Having your place settings, dinner mats and centrepieces close by when they’re needed and stored smartly for a minimal, tidy room is the dream when it comes to your dining room. Decluttering and finding ways to make more space in your dining room is key, this is why we’ve put together some dining room storage ideas. With just a few ways you can save space whilst storing everything you need right in your dining room, this blog should help you choose the right dining room furniture from our range to suit you.

Bench Seating

A great way to save space and gain extra area for storage in your dining room is to introduce a dining table that has bench seating. Not only does the bench easily tuck into the table, creating extra floor space, but it also opens the room up so you can incorporate more storage-friendly furniture around it. Bench seating can also become multi-functional, especially for family’s with kids, they can become a secondary table so there’s no crayon marks or pencil drawings on the dining table and provide a more decorative approach to the traditional dining space. In our collection at Noa & Nani, we have great bench seating options, including big dining table sets or even the bench on its own so you can personalise your dining room look and have it perfect for you. Choose your favourite from our dining room benches. Nordic style, 6-seater dining table with a bench in the colour grey

Large Dresser Dining Storage

One of the most beautiful ways to store your favourite dining room must-haves is with a large dining room dresser. Typically expected in the living room we think that one of these stunning display dressers would be the perfect answer to your dining room storage problems. Display your favourite dinner plates, match the dresser style with your decor and solve all your storage issues with one simple piece of furniture that can tie the whole room together. Ideal for more compact dining rooms, the dresser utilises more of the ceiling space in the room than they do the width – using the right space for the right storage. Use the dresser to emulate the old-style larder cupboards, give everything its place and have a space for it all in the most traditional way. Large, white dresser storage unit

Multi-functional Storage

Sideboards are an amazing answer to all storage needs; filled with cupboards and drawers, the infamous style of dining room storage, the sideboard hides away everything you put in them whilst offering a gorgeous piece of furniture to accompany the decor. Pieces like our Cantebury sideboard offers the chance to display your favourite pottery, just like a dresser, but without taking up as much of the room’s space. Available in a range of sizes and styles, sideboards can accentuate a range of different dining room shapes to provide practical storage in a fashionable way. White, wooden sideboard


It may seem like an obvious storage choice but shelves are a great option for dining rooms. Using up wall space instead of floor space, there are endless styles, colours, sizes of shelf that can help with storage issues and utilise the full space of your dining room. More of a decorative option, shelves aren’t made to be stocked up with things so they will encourage you to do some decluttering and save space for the necessities. Dining room with shelves holding artwork Make the best of your dining room space by getting your storage just right; whether you want more storage space to keep everything you need at an arms-length or you’re wanting to minimise what’s on view for a more simplistic, open decor, follow our steps and find the best dining room storage ideas to suit you and your dining interior style. With options to cover a wide range of dining room sizes and shapes, these simple steps will help you expand your dining room storage and make the best of the space you have. Explore our full range of dining room furniture available at Noa & Nani and incorporate your style into your family home.

Article by Alex Tolofson