Choosing The Perfect Dining Bench

Choosing The Perfect Dining Bench
Choosing the perfect dining bench for your dining room depends mainly on the space you have available to fill, the number of people you need to accommodate for and the overall look of your room. Dining benches have recently received a new lease of life within the interior design world; they’re no longer the informal, uncomfortable seating choice. Nowadays, the dining bench is a contemporary, collaborative space that helps bring a sense of community to any room. Whether it’s for a casual or formal dining space, choosing a dining bench will bring your family together in a comfortable, spacious setting to share food and create memories together.

The Benefits of Choosing A Dining Bench

At Noa & Nani we’re here to break you away from the stereotypical ideas about dining benches. A beautiful balance of classic style with modern chic, the dining bench brings the beauty of a picnic in the park right into the warm comfort of your own home. But, they’re also great for other reasons.

Space Saving

Dining benches help to save space; with the option to tuck them away under the dining table, benches help provide more seating choice in a smaller dining room. As they’re one piece of furniture, you’ll find yourself with less to clean and a much less cluttered look in your space.

Ideal for Big Family Get-Togethers

Benches can fit more bums on seats than a chair, making them great for big family gatherings and impromptu guests. Placing two dining benches parallel with your dining table can create a much larger eating space than alternative seating options, transforming your dining space into an inviting hub for all. Dining benches make additional seating at Christmas and family parties a worry of the past with their ability to hold several family members at once.


Dining benches are versatile, making them ideal for all the family. For little ones, dining benches can double as a mini table and will effortlessly become a crucial part in their teddy bear picnics. More than this, dining benches can be carried easily into other rooms for extra seating and can often complement a range of decors, making them a long term installation for your dining room. Benches are the new way to prepare your dining space for a variety of events, guests and homemade memories. There are just a few things to consider before choosing your dining bench.

Measure Your Space

The critical thing you need to work out is what size bench you will need for your dining table. Use a tape measure to accurately measure the physical space you have available to fill and measure the length of your dining table. This way you know what the maximum dimensions you can look for without running into problems of your bench being too big or too small for the space you have. Now you know how much physical space you have, you need to think about how many people you need to fit around your dining table. This will help you to narrow down your bench choice and will help you decide if you need two benches at your table or one with additional chairs. Dining benches are ideal for large families, but it’s crucial to think about how many people you need to fit around the table before jumping in and buying one.

Style of Dining Bench

Once you’ve considered the practicalities of a dining bench, it’s time to think about the style you want for your interior decor.

Wooden Dining Bench

Dining benches are perfect for open plan, minimalistic style dining rooms. However, they’re not limited to this. Wooden style dining benches, like our fantastic collection here at Noa & Nani, provide beautiful neutral-coloured dining benches that will complement and enhance a wide range of dining room decors. Complement wooden dining benches with matching tables and chairs, fluffy rugs and neutral coloured decor to create a cosy, contemporary space. You can easily add cushions onto your wooden bench to ensure they’re more comfortable for all. Make the dining bench the focal point of a spacious, bright dining room and create the perfect, timeless space for family dining to take place.

Upholstered Dining Bench

If a wooden bench doesn’t quite fit with your dining room style, then you can also find a wide variety of upholstered dining benches. Designed using beautiful fabrics, choose a comfortable and more colourful addition to your dining seating. Consider your upholstered dining bench as another accessory to the full room, rather than just somewhere to sit and you’ll be able to find beautiful dining benches to choose.

Dining Bench With A Back

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One of the main reasons people oppose a dining bench is a need for back support, but fear no more! You can consider the needs of all the family members by buying a dining bench that has a backrest. Dining benches with a backrest ensure you gain all the positives of a dining bench – the extra seating, saving space and the contemporary look – with all the comfort of the dining chair. Whether you choose cushioned, wooden or upholstered, there’s plenty of dining bench options that will enhance your dining decor. Don’t just take our word for it: measure your space and choose your favourite from our dining bench range at Noa & Nani. Complement an array of dining room decors and cater for the whole family whenever you need to with the piece of furniture that modernises your dining room and is practical for all.

Article by Alex Tolofson