Budget Dining Room Ideas

Budget Dining Room Ideas
If you’ve found yourself ready for a change in your dining room but you don’t want to break the bank then we’ve got you covered. Here at Noa & Nani, we believe every room in your house should be just how your family wants it, without a huge price tag attached, which is why we have some great, affordable products in our dining room furniture range. In case that isn’t enough, we’ve also put together a few easy tips to revamp your dining room without it costing a lot so you can transform your room without counting the pennies. Following just one or a few of these top tips will help feel like you’ve made a huge difference to your dining space in the easiest of ways, feeling like a new space without the upheaval of fully decorating.

Statement Dining Table

The dining table, it can mean so many different things for lots of different families. For some it’s the only place they can get the full family to gather for one hour a day, for others it’s the place where homework gets done, sometimes it’s where date nights occur and for many, it’s the place they sit to enjoy some really good food. Whatever it means to you, in terms of your dining room decor, the dining table is usually the room’s centrepiece. If you continue to keep your dining table the statement of your full room, it can be much easier to save money on everything else. Choose a statement table that fills the centre of the room, which exudes the main decor style you’re hoping to achieve and draws everyone eyes to it. Whether you’ve got a big family and need a 6-seater or need a smaller table for your smaller family, by focusing your budget on your dining table you can save money on the rest of the room’s decorations as it draws in everyone’s attention. Long, 6-seater dining table with white, wooden chairs

Bold Lighting

If you’re already happy with your dining table another investment for a budget-friendly dining room revamp could be into a bold lampshade or light fitting. If your dining table is central to your room then installing low-hanging, industrial-style fittings often make a bold statement and also look amazing! If not, then a wide, open light fitting or a modern spotlight fitting can both help illuminate the room and can tie together the rest of the room’s decor. Choose a fitting that is going to catch people’s eyes and draw attention from the rest of the room. This means you can invest in your fitting and save the rest of your pennies on the room surrounding it. Low hanging ceiling light over a dining table

Accent Wall

If you’re wanting to completely revamp and redecorate your dining space without spending much money, then an accent wall can be the best way – especially if you’re starting with a blank canvas. Choose a nice bold paint colour for your accent wall or even a beautifully decorated wallpaper that you can find at a good price across a range of shops, and you’ll find one wall changing the whole feel of the room. Accent walls allow you to make the impact with your room’s decoration without the cost of four walls, making them a very budget-friendly decorating tactic that also looks good. Dining room with a funky patterned accent wall and wooden flooring


One of the least expensive ways of altering the way your dining room looks is to declutter it. Remove unnecessary accessories, take out the extra furniture that’s taking up space, reduce the amount of wall art and leave only the already-done decor and the dining table. Not only will the room look and feel completely different, decluttering can be very therapeutic and will feel like a huge change! Decluttering your dining room changes the decor style to a more minimalistic one that is easier on the eye and can feel much more calming. Without clutter, you can ensure your dining room’s interior serves a purpose, feels much more refreshed and it will instantly feel brand new without having to spend a penny! White dining room with soft coloured dining table and white curtains

Wall Art

If you’ve already got a minimal-looking dining room decor and want to add more to the room rather than decluttering it then a good piece of wall art can do the trick. Whether this is one focal piece of art in the centre of a wall, a nice, huge mirror to create the illusion of a much bigger room or a rustic looking clock, whatever decor theme you’ve chosen for you can easily find a stunning piece of wall art that will make a big difference without stretching your budget. If funds are low, try looking for second-hand bargains and make a project out of refurbishing them! Image of 3 pieces of wall art reading inspirational quotes


I’m sure you knew this one was coming…budget-friendly can often mean a DIY job, but this doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Choose easy DIY projects to brighten up the room, for example, paint your current dining room chairs or even the dining room table into a new funky colour, thrift some new centrepieces for your dining table or why not make some wall art. If your budget can only stretch to a few mismatched pieces then paint them the same colour yourself to tie them together into a brand new looking room with a fun, quirky twist. Switching up your dining room decor to help it feel new and different doesn’t have to be an expensive task. If your budget is low then simply changing one or two things in the room can give it a whole new feel that can cost next to nothing; from changing the walls of the room, renovating the current furniture or grabbing a steal from second-hand furniture shops, you can make your new dining room project into something cheap and fun with ease. If our tips manage to save you some pennies, why not take a look at our dining room furniture range here at Noa & Nani, invest in a statement dining table and let its beauty do all the work of changing up your dining space and make it feel brand new.

Article by Alex Tolofson