Kids Bedroom Storage Ideas: Making the Most of a Box Room

Kids Bedroom Storage Ideas: Making the Most of a Box Room
Box rooms have far more storage potential than you might think. If your little one has been begging for a chance to decorate their little room, or if you’re keen to find a way to make better use of such a small space, then we have plenty of fantastic decor and kids’ bedroom storage ideas to inspire you. Take a look through our top box room ideas on decor and maximising storage space and we guarantee you’ll come out at the other end feeling inspired and excited to get started.

Children's Box Room Ideas: Storage

Researching space-savvy children’s box room ideas can help a great deal when it comes to making use of the room effectively, and clever furniture is the perfect place to start.

Cabin Beds

The best way to add instant extra storage space to a kids’ box room is to invest in a classic cabin bed. The bunk of a cabin bed traditionally sits at a much higher level than a standard single bed, leaving a huge amount of storage space beneath. This extra space creates room for the addition of extra pieces of furniture (a small chest of drawers or toy box, perhaps?) or simply an additional play space or an out-of-the-way toy storage area.

Clever Cabin Bed Extras

Some cabin bed styles also come with additional space-saving features like built-in desks, drawers and cabinets. Older kids and young teens can enjoy the practicality of being able to do their homework in peace and quiet without the need for cluttering up their box room with a separate desk, while little ones (and parents) can enjoy the ample storage space provided with inbuilt drawers and cabinets, keeping the already limited floor space clear of clutter. kids bedroom storage ideas for box room


Day Beds with Pull-Out Trundles

Kids a little too old for cabin beds? No bother. Day beds with built-in storage and pull-out trundles make the next best space-saving kids’ bedroom storage ideas. Also great for spare rooms, these handy bed designs often feature a pull-out spare bed that slots neatly beneath the main bunk, or they include built-in storage drawers for easy stowing of everything from bed linen to clothing, books and toys. This can eliminate the need for extra bulky pieces of furniture like wardrobes or chests of drawers, saving space for play or study in your child’s box room. kids bedroom storage ideas for box rooms


Bed Pockets & Shelves

We can all agree that the most essential piece of furniture for a kids’ box room is a bed, so why not make the most of the storage opportunities a bed provides? Next on our list of clever kids’ bedroom storage ideas are bed pockets and bed shelves, both of which use kids’ cabin beds as the base for adding even more storage. Both bed pockets and shelves are designed to easily hook onto the sides of a cabin bed or bunk bed with minimal fuss, and can then be stuffed and stacked with toys, books and other essentials, freeing up floor space in any box room. kids bedroom storage ideas pink bed pockets for box room


Toy Boxes & Storage Chests

Box room or not, kids manage to amass an awful lot of toys, don’t they? Luckily, toy storage solutions like toy chests and toy bins can neatly stow away a surprising number of toys to help keep even the smallest rooms nice and tidy. A sturdy wooden toy chest can double up as a bench for even more efficient use of space, and they can easily be slotted underneath a cabin bed for zero extra encroachment on that precious box room floor space. kids bedroom storage ideas for childrens box room white toy chest


Children’s Box Room Ideas: Themes

What could be more fun than going to sleep in a bedroom designed around your favourite interests? Themed bedrooms are fantastic, and having a box room doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the decor.

Themed Cabin Beds

We’ve already established that a cabin bed is the perfect space-saving piece of furniture, so why not take advantage of this ready-made decorating opportunity to start creating your child’s dream bedroom theme? Our range of themed cabin beds offers an exciting selection of themes including fairytale designs with a tower for the princess, cute fairies and even the ever-so-popular Hello Kitty! Playful pirates can jump aboard their pirate ship themed bed and sail off to sleep in style, while aspiring builders can climb aboard their big yellow digger cabin bed and begin building some amazing dreams. kids bedroom ideas pirate theme


Deck The Walls

Once you’ve picked your main central theme, it’s time to take to the walls. When decorating a box room, the walls are your best friends as floor space is so limited. Start by choosing a colour palette to reflect your child’s chosen theme and paint the walls with it. Then you can apply extra details like fun decals or wall art to continue the theme even further, all without taking up any floor space whatsoever. Finally, add matching themed bedding to ensure their box room theme is complete. We hope that our kids’ bedroom storage ideas and decor tips have sparked inspiration on how you can decorate and transform even the tiniest box room. View the full range of kids’ bedroom storage solutions at Noa & Nani to get started.

Article by Alex Tolofson