Army Themed Bedroom Tips

Army Themed Bedroom Tips
If your little one is going mad for all things army, then you’re in the right place. At Noa & Nani, we have some tips on how you can convert their bedrooms, whatever the size, into their new garrison effortlessly and have them feeling like a real officer during their indoor play days. Let your children explore the camaraderie of teamwork, the dedication of a soldier and bring their imaginations to life by following our steps to achieving a great army themed bedroom they’re bound to love.

Camp Bed

Even soldiers need to sleep, and your little ones will need to after they’ve spent hours playing with their imagined battalion getting ready for battle. Luckily for them, they can rest their heads in a much more comfortable bed than the camp bed soldiers usually have to make do with. With our range of army themed cabin beds, your little ones can go from climbing the ladders of their training obstacle course, flitting down slides away from enemy troops, hiding in the fort HQ behind their camouflage tent, straight on to sleeping with their head on the pillow in a blink of an eye. Army-themed midsleeper cabin bed with ladders and desk Whether you utilise the extra storage space for their packed up belongings or let them use it as their base den to retreat from their opponents, the cabin bed’s tent will play an important role in making your child’s bedroom the real deal for their fun and games.

Include The Whole Squad

If wall motif soldiers aren’t enough to bring your child’s troop to life, then fill the void with stuffed teddies, ready for battle and there to help keep your young one safe in the excitement of their games. Have animals, soldiers, and everything you can think of that will bring their worldwide soldier adventures to life and have a full team reporting for duty in their make-believe world.

Camo, Camo and more Camo

There can never be too much camouflage for an army themed decor. You should be thinking of bedding, blankets, camouflage rugs, curtains – everything you can to make your child’s army bedroom feel like the real deal. Let them tuck into bed at night as though they were hiding in their camo sleeping bag, resting before the next day's biggest adventure. The more camo, the more your child’s imagination will become a reality as their bedroom becomes their army HQ hideaway where they can reload their artillery and get prepared. Decorate with cushions, camo lampshades and camouflage bed organisers, provide them with camo lookout towers and hideaway tunnels and allow everything in their room to help their imaginations along in bringing their army play days into reality. Transform their bedroom from the place to sleep to their hideaway trench, camouflaged from danger and well hidden from enemy lines. Army themed pocket bed organiser

Travelling Trunk

Even soldiers have their belongings close by, often stored in a stowaway trunk, where they can be guarded and hidden from enemy infiltrators or even the nosiness of their squad. Match this with the addition of any of our toy boxes at Noa & Nani. Spend some DIY time decorating them; paint them green, add your child’s name and make it even more believable. Let them store it under the tent of their cabin bed or at the end of the single bunk and simulate the same storage of a real-life soldier, camping at their base.

Wall Netting

When you think of the army you think of mud, leaves and sand – of course, they’re not items you want to bring over the threshold to have messing up your home. Switch the real mud for leafy garlands, army wall netting and, depending on how realistic you want their army bedroom to be, consider these neutral tones for the correct shades of paint on their walls. Why not go all out and embellish the bedroom walls with bright green toy soldier motifs, decorated to remind them their opponents are on the horizon or even to bring their friendly troop to life. Have army-themed wall art, whether you choose silhouetted spitfires or animated parachuters, make your child’s walls feel like they’re on the edge of the battlefield and approaching the latest duel where they’re ready to take the victory.
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Follow our steps to achieve the ultimate army themed bedroom; let your children have fun helping you set up their camp and make their bedrooms their favourite places to be. Make bedtime stories come to life and have them feeling like the ultimate army soldier every time they turn their imaginations on – all in the comfort and safety of their bedrooms. Explore our full range of army themed bedroom furniture and find even the smallest of ways you can add the army theme to your child’s bedroom today.

Article by Alex Tolofson