A Buyer’s Guide to Day Beds

A Buyer’s Guide to Day Beds

The ultimate multi-purpose treat, day beds are an often forgotten option when it comes time to choosing a new bed frame. But here at Noa & Nani, we want to help our customers understand why day beds are such a stylish and smart option for young adult’s bedrooms, guest rooms or box rooms. For all the information you could need to know about day beds, keep on reading our full buyer’s guide to day beds.

What is a Day Bed?

When we talk about day beds, we’re not just talking about a bed that you spend the full day in… although that would be nice. Day beds are actually a specific type of bed which in many ways we like to think of as the superior and more comfortable version of a sofa bed.

These sofa/bed hybrids are comfortable, stylish and space-saving options perfect for spare rooms or children’s bedrooms in your home. Although they are very similar dimensions to a standard single bed, day beds are available with under storage or with trundle beds, meaning you can transform a single day bed into a double in an instant for guests visiting your home. When the bed is not being slept in, the second mattress can be easily and discreetly folded away so that the floor space can be enjoyed for more activities.

The construction of a day bed is notorious for its three-side design, which features head ends and foot ends like a traditional bed frame and a backrest style side that gives the daybed its sofa and sitting qualities.

How to Make a Day Bed

If you’re wondering how to make up a day bed so that it doesn’t constantly appear as a classic bed, then we have a few tips to help you. After all, the appeal of a day bed is that it can be just as easily used as a comfortable sitting area during the day. With this in mind, you will want to ensure that guests feel comfortable relaxing on your day bed, whether it’s for sitting and socialising or sleeping at night.

When your day bed is not being used to sleep in, you can stow away its duvet and usual pillows in storage beneath the bed. This makes them easy to grab when they’re needed during the evening while also keeping them clean and fresh during the day. If people are going to be sitting on the day bed as a sofa, you want to avoid the sheets becoming too grubby, etc.

Cover the mattress like usual with a sheet in the perfect colour to match the rest of the room’s aesthetic, and make sure that any corners and edges are tucked in tightly to ensure it doesn’t look messy. Next, simply choose some comfy throw cushions to line across the back of the day bed and create a plush backrest for guess to lounge against. We recommend choosing cushions of various sizes to create a lush space that is just as comfy as a sofa as it is a bed. Layer your cushions against the backrest and also let them spill out against the head and footboards for surrounding comfort and to make make-shift armrests.

Of course, when it’s time to make the day bed up for sleeping, spread covers and cushions as your normally would for your guests to create a comfortable space.

Day Bed Ideas

By now, you should understand why we love day beds as much as we do, and you might be starting to wonder how you can fit one into your home. To help you choose the perfect day bed for your space, we have put together a few day bed ideas to help you get inspired for what style to choose.

Children’s Day Bed Ideas

Day beds are a very popular choice for children’s bedrooms as they keep the space looking neat and tidy and provide ample storage space. This means big and bulky toys can be discreetly hidden away when not in play to create a clean and tidy floor space. Plus, if your child is a lover of sleepovers, then choosing a day bed with a trundle ensures you always have plenty of comfortable space for little guests. No more sleeping on floors or shivering in sleeping bags!

A day bed for pre-teens or young adults room ensures they have a grown-up ‘chill out’ space where they can relax with friends and feel comfortable. What teen doesn’t want a sofa in their room where they can binge-watch television or play video games on the weekend? By choosing a day bed for their bedrooms, they can have their own space to spend free time the way they want to.

Guest Day Bed Ideas

If you’re trying to decide how you should decorate a guest bedroom, then a day bed is a perfect choice. This will make the room more accessible as a living area when you do not have guests staying over, but of course, it is easy to transform it into a comfortable bedroom with a simple shift around.

Guest bedrooms are often used as multi-purpose spaces, whether that’s with a home office set-up or dressing area. By choosing a day bed, you can have the luxury of keeping your spare room a more neutral space. You won’t have to work with a full bed behind you, tempting you to just crawl into it or showing up in the background in video calls. Instead, you can present a tidy and casual sitting area which can also double as a soft office for those days when comfort is key!

Day Beds with Storage

At Noa & Nani, we love day beds because they are great space-saving solutions. This is even more true when you choose a day bed which is full of fantastic storage space. In our collection, you can explore a wide range of day beds fitted with plenty of under-bed drawers and space, which makes utilising the space in your spare rooms easy and effective. Plus, you can hide away spare bedding, covers and pillows in the under bed storage discreetly, so they are always in easy reach when you have unexpected guests over to stay. Whatever room you choose to put a day bed in, we are sure you can make the most out of the fantastic storage options available. Anything that did not have a place before now has a hidden and efficient home.

Article by Alex Tolofson