4 Christmas morning traditions

4 Christmas morning traditions
For many, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and it’s a combination of many little things that make it so. From taking the kids to visit Santa to settling down to Christmas dinner, there are lots of special moments to treasure, some of which may be totally unique to your own family. Do you have your own Christmas traditions that you look forward to every year? Here we round up some of the popular traditions that many little ones take part in when they climb out of their cabin beds on Christmas morning. Which of these traditions do you follow in your home?

1) Festive pyjama party

Does your family put on fresh new pyjamas on Christmas Eve so that you look your best for Santa’s visit and unwrapping your gifts on Christmas morning? A Christmas Eve box for each child filled with festive pyjamas, snacks and perhaps Christmas story is now a familiar tradition in many homes. Take a peek at our seasonal story suggestions for bedtime.

2) Stocking opening and present unwrapping

What’s the etiquette for opening presents in your home? Does Santa fill stacks or stockings left on the end of the bed or do they hang on the fireplace? In some homes little ones are allowed to open one present from under the tree on Christmas Eve, while others open them on Christmas morning or even after lunch. Perhaps your little ones have their own mini Christmas tree in their room or you all have a particular Christmas CD you like to listen to as you open your gifts?

3) Special Christmas breakfast

There’s no denying food has an important part to play in Christmas Day and for many this starts with a special Christmas breakfast. Perhaps you treat the children to breakfast in bed or cook up a signature meal for the special day? Are pancakes or a full English always on the menu for December 25th or do you keep it light so that you have plenty of room for chocolates and sweets?

4) The family walk

When the weather allows it we Brits do like to have a festive family walk! Not only is it a good way to burn off a few calories it can help to tire out excitable children too. Perhaps you like to call in on friends and relatives to wish them good tidings? Wherever you go, it’s usually a great excuse to put on a special Christmas outfit and take in some fresh air. pexels-photo-257910 Do you and your family follow any of the traditions above? Perhaps you do something different that’s unique to your family? We’d love to hear what helps o make your day special, so comment below.

Article by Alex Tolofson