10 Tips to Accessorise your Dining Room

10 Tips to Accessorise your Dining Room

The right furniture makes a house a home, but adding the right accessories gives your home character and life. If you have found yourself struggling with ideas of how to create the perfect dining room space, then you have come to the right place. Here at Noa & Nani, we have put together our top 10 tips on how to accessories your dining room for a cosy and welcoming space. Read through our advice today, and don’t forget to explore our full range of dining room furniture for even more inspiration.

How Do You Accessorise a Dining Room?

Your dining area is unique to your home and family, so make sure that you add accessories that fit seamlessly into the space to accentuate your style and dynamic. Whether you want to create a dining room that is homely and welcoming or you prefer a modern showroom aesthetic, we have tips to suit every preference. Explore our top 10 tips for dining room accessories now, and find all the inspiration you could need to help you on your styling journey.

10 Tips for Dining Room Accessories

1. Make a Statement with Centrepieces

One of the easiest additions to your dining room you can make to give it a little bit more personality is to add statement centrepieces to your dining table. If you have a small or round dining table, then opt for one large showstopper in the middle of the table. For larger and longer tables, we recommend one centrepiece placed in the very middle and then add additional and complementing decorations further along the length. Choose greenery for your centrepiece for a rustic style that is still warm and welcoming, or why not explore modern sculptures and candleholders if you love sleek lines and shapes?

2. Get Guests Talking with a Gallery Wall

If you have a wall in your dining room that is looking a little bit bare, then now is the perfect opportunity to add some culture and personality. By creating a gallery wall, you can get guests talking about your unique and exquisite tastes with eye-catching art and prints. Choose art in a variety of sizes and even shapes to add more dimension to the space that will keep your guest’s eyes travelling from one piece to the next. If you want to make the gallery wall more personal, then mix in some family photos as well to bring in even more character. This is a great way to hang family memories in a fun and interesting way.

3. Add Texture to the Space

So, you have all of your furniture in the dining area, and you're happy with the layout, but something is missing? By adding texture to a space you can elevate the atmosphere with additional layers. To do this, explore rattan accessories such as pendant lights or sideboards, or choose woven accessories for a softer, homely vibe. The addition of a woven rug beneath the dining table or even simple woven placemats will invite guests in and also contributes to an on-trend style that is still warm and welcoming.

4. Choose a Round Table for a Dynamic Room

A dining room that is filled with only boxy furniture, angles and corners can sometimes lead to a room feeling cramped. If you’re hoping to create a dining room that is full of free space and has a flowing atmosphere, then you should explore round dining tables. Creating a more dynamic space, round dining tables give you more freedom for space, placement and additional seating. Explore our full dining table buyers guide for more help and advice on choosing the right dining table for your home.

5. Bring the Room to Life with a Bold Tablecloth

Another very simple addition that promises a big impact is to add a bold tablecloth to your dining table. Bright colours or interesting patterns will elevate a lived-in atmosphere for the dining room and ensure the space is not imposing. You can choose a tablecloth to complement your existing decor and colour scheme or switch it out for seasonal styles that will keep your home updated and fresh for every occasion. Plus, not just for style, tablecloths are very practical and will encourage your family to sit down at the dining table more often without fear of leaving stains or marks. Similarly, a simple table runner can offer the same effect of breaking up the room and adding a bold pop of colour to an otherwise blank space.

6. Section the Space with a Stylish Partition

If you do not have a dedicated dining room, or perhaps you have an open plan floor, then accessorise your dining area with a stylish partition. This accessory will section off the room to create a more intimate dining experience, as well as adding a unique style we’re sure you will fall in love with! You can also create the illusion of different sections by adding a rug to the dining area that will make it feel separate from the rest of the room.

7. Don’t Forget the Little Touches

Of course, when it comes to accessories, sometimes it is the small, unexpected touches that have the biggest impact, so don’t gloss over the little things. Adding candles to the table will create a warm atmosphere, and cushions on the dining chairs will welcome guests to sit down in comfort. These little accessories go a long way in transforming the atmosphere of your home, so whether you pick matching sets or you would rather mix and match soft furnishings, don’t be afraid to go big on the small touches.

8. Mirrors, Mirrors on the Wall

When in doubt, add a mirror! At Noa & Nani, we are big believers that mirrors can add more dimension to your home and make any space feel much larger than it is. This is because light bounces off of mirrors around the room, especially when mirrors are placed opposite windows and doors to create the illusion of more outdoor space inside. Whether you choose to hang a large mirror to act as a focal point in the room or create a gallery wall like our advice mentioned earlier, you can have fun playing around with mirrors in your dining room and see how they open up the space.

9. Mix and Match your Seating

For an on-trend style, you’ll love, mix and match your dining seating for a dynamic setting. Gone are the days of full-matching sets, so have fun coming up with your own perfect seating arrangements that ensure your family dining area is unique to you. Whether you choose the same style of seating in a medley of colours or go for different styles and design entirely, you can take ownership of your dining room with this fun styling experience. To help you get started, explore our full range of dining chairs available, and why not switch some out for bench seating to create even more character and style?

10. Opposites Attract

Finally, don’t forget that opposites attract! When it comes to accessorising your dining room, don’t limit yourself to a certain style and take inspiration from a range of trends. A traditional dining room can be enhanced by adding small modern touches in accessories. For example, why not hang an industrial pendant light over a traditional wooden dining table for a clash of rustic style? The possibilities are endless, so let your imagination and personal style run free when it comes to creating the perfect dining

Article by Alex Tolofson