10 Dining Table Decoration Ideas for your Dinner Party

10 Dining Table Decoration Ideas for your Dinner Party

When it comes time to host a dinner party or special occasion, you want to make sure you set the mood for your guests and create a warm and welcoming space. After all, the best memories are created in cosy and friendly atmospheres that you never want to leave. But you may be wondering how you can achieve this for your guests? Your dining area is already furnished with your dream dining table and chair sets, so how do you elevate the look when you have guests over?

If this is something you have found yourself struggling with, then have no fear, the team at Noa & Nani are here to help! We have put together our top 10 dining room table decor ideas to inspire you on how to accessorise your dining table when you are hosting.

1. Create a Glow with Candles

To create a cosy atmosphere that will envelop your guests in warmth, keep it classic with a candle centrepiece. Whether you opt for a cluster of pillar candles or keep it elegant and refined with traditional candlesticks, you can let the light do the work in framing the table and inviting guests to gather around. To ensure they’re just as attractive when not lit, play around with dimension and height with your candles and group a few different styles to create an interesting look. Whether you choose candlesticks of varying heights or stand some candles on different bases, such as coasters or stacks of books, the possibilities are endless.

2. Add a Breath of Fresh Air with Flowers

Another simple yet transformative addition to your dining table set-up is the use of flowers and greenery. Adding foliage to the dining table will create a bright centrepiece that looks naturally effortless, that hides the fact you spent too long arranging it perfectly. This is also a great style that can be easily swapped out for the different seasons. For example, add daffodils or lavender in the spring, then switch to bright and blooming bouquets in the summer. Come Autumn, throw in some beautiful orange shades and then swap this out for classic holly and berries in the Winter.

3. Cluster Your Favourite Ornaments

For a quick and easy centrepiece, perhaps for last-minute parties and get-togethers, get creative with decorations already in your home. Choose your favourite ornaments and decor pieces from around your home and cluster these together for a personal touch. Add trinkets from holidays with loved ones layered with family heirlooms that will make any occasion even more special and personal as you create even more memories with those you love most.

4. Have Fun with Asymmetry

When you think of a centrepiece, you imagine it placed in the dead centre of the table. It is in the name, after all! But by playing around with asymmetry, you can turn a basic centrepiece into a much more eye-catching design choice. For example, place a large vase filled with flowers closer to one corner of the table and notice how it transforms the dynamic. However, you need to make sure the change still looks intentional, rather than a centrepiece that looks accidentally unbalanced and untidy! This may sound like a tricky line to tiptoe, but once you have it right you will love the new and refreshed look.

5. Mix and Match

Have you been struggling with which style to choose for your centrepiece? Vases, candles and bowls all have their style merits, so don’t limit yourself to just choosing one and instead have fun mixing and matching your style. Clustering bowls with tall vases will create an interesting height dynamic that will elevate the whole table, especially if you are looking for a way to refresh your table style. Stand them together in the centre of the table or spread them across the length for a textured design that is uniquely your style.

6. Play with Contrasting Colours

When choosing the perfect centrepiece, consider colours to find the perfect style rather than design or purpose. If you have a bright and bold dining room filled with loud colours, then don’t let that flow stop with your centrepiece. Choose something just as colourful to compete for attention that creates a design that pops. Similarly, if you have quite a pared-back style or love all things monochrome, then choose a simple centrepiece in the right colours that carry this aesthetic. If you’re looking for a bold refresh for your minimalist dining room, then choose a contrasting centrepiece that will draw people into the room and add a pop of character.

7. Keep it Casual with Fresh Fruit

For some people, a centrepiece acts as more of a focal point of the room rather than a huge design choice. So if you feel as though your table is missing something to complete the room, why not choose a classic fruit bowl to mix in some colour? This is also a great option for times when unexpected guests pop round for a quick catch up over a drink and nibbles. Simply gathering your fresh produce in a stylish bowl will elevate the space with simple elegance and character.

8. Go Bold with Modern Design

A lot of people think that modern design only means minimalist style, which isn’t true. You can create a contemporary dining room that utilises all of the best dining room decor, including stylish and on-trend centrepieces. Start by adding a simple table runner in the same colours and theme as the rest of the room, and then layer over this your choice of vase, bowls or candleholders. Complete the modern look with low-profile dining ware set in proper placements and stunning glassware.

9. Pair Function with Style

At Noa & Nani, we believe that the best kind of decor are those that match style with function. Pair these ideas together for your centrepiece to create a truly pretty and useful arrangement. Stand a beautiful vase full of flowers next to a snack tray that adds even more colour and dimension to the design. Plus, guests can pick at the tray as it helps create a more homely and welcoming atmosphere. Just remember to keep on top of snack replenishment and switch out any pieces that get left behind after too long!

10. Don’t Be Afraid to Go Bare

Finally, our last style inspiration tip we have for you is not to be afraid to do anything at all! Not every dining room needs a centrepiece to tie the room together, and sometimes it can work just as well to let the food do the talking when hosting a dinner party. There is no rule in the dining room handbook that states that you must have a centrepiece, so do what feels right to you for your space as you know it best. Look for more style inspiration for your dining area in our full dining room furniture collection, and explore dining tables, chairs, benches and sideboards online now.

Article by Alex Tolofson