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Supply Chain Issues

As most people are aware, there are currently a number of issues with global supply chains. At Nöa & Nani we are experiencing challenges and are having issues with the supply of goods and the increased shipping & production costs. As we head into the Christmas period we would like to make all Nöa & Nani customers aware of potential stock shortages and ordering in time for Christmas.

Supply chains worldwide continue to face huge challenges due to the pandemic and other factors impacting: 

  • The transport industry (HGV Driver Shortage) 
  • Raw materials 
  • Sourcing and production


Pre-Order Products

Some high-demand products that are out of stock, we are putting onto a preorder system. This means you can order the item and know it will be arriving. These items will have an estimated back-in-stock delivery date. If you preorder these items, we will send them out as soon as we get them into stock. Please be aware during this busy period we will only be receiving a set amount of stock prior to Christmas if you do not preorder these items, there is no guarantee they will not sell out also due to the increased costs, the only way of guaranteeing the Price of these items is via the pre-order. Therefore, if it is not immediately available, you will see that the item says pre-order and there will be a release date beneath the product., we advise everyone to purchase as soon as possible if purchasing for Christmas to ensure your order is complete.

How to check product availability

  1. Search or browse for the item
  2. You can find the item's stock level on the product page, if the item is out of stock you can sign up to wait for the next release.
  3. If the item is on pre-order you will find the release date underneath the stock level. Remember the release date is only for the pre-order items, so unless the item is ordered there is no guarantee the stock for the general public will be available on that date, as priority is given to all the preorders.
  4. If you have any questions about stock levels please contact us at or via our live chat and we will try our best to provide you with accurate updates.