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3 Simple Steps to Claim your Cashback

Please only submit your claim once you have left the picture review, the review link will take up to 7 days to be received. If you need further information on how to submit your claim please check our FAQ's 'here'

*These are subject to change and terms and conditions must be met to receive this offer.


Cashback Terms and Conditions

  1. Participants can only claim for one eligible item, per order. 


  1. The Promotion is open to customers located in either the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland aged 18+ only.


  1. In order to participate in this promotion, you must purchase an eligible product. 


  1. If you have any ongoing issues with the product and receive a discount for this any further cashback will not be applied above or beyond the 25%


  1. Must not be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount, including that of welcome discounts, seasonal sales and free gifts.


  1. Participants must submit a product review with photo of the item and then submit the form in order for the cashback request to be processed. 


  1.  Participants must submit their Claim within 30 days of purchase. The date of the relevant invoice shall be considered as day one. Claims received outside of the Claim Window shall be considered invalid. However, if the item is on Pre-order the 30 days commences from the date of dispatch.


  1. Once the claim has been submitted, you will receive confirmation of the claim within 7-10 working days. If you have not received confirmation after this, you will need to email our support team. 


  1. Noa & Nani reserves the right to audit and subsequently disqualify any Claim that it considers not to be in compliance with these Promotion Terms. In order to support this audit, Noa & Nani reserves the right to request any relevant information (without limitation) related to a Participant’s Claim(s).


  1. Once you have received an email confirmation of the claim, the transaction will be made via bank transfer, and will take approximately 7 working days to show into your account. If you have not received the funds after this time frame, please contact our support team.


  1. If any returns are made on the eligible product, the claim will be deemed invalid and subsequently cancelled.


  1. All liability for tax in relation to the Reward is the sole responsibility of the Participant.


  1. Noa & Nani reserves the right to amend or cancel the terms of this Promotion at any time without notice.


  1. This Promotion shall be governed by the law of England and Wales.

How do I claim the Cashback?

All you need to do is leave a photo review for your product and fill out the cashback form, the claim will then be processed 7-10 working days after you have submitted the claim.


In order to leave a review for your purchase all you need to do is wait to receive our review link which is received up to 10 days from purchase. You will receive this in your email you used to purchase the item, this may end up in your junk folder. You will then be able to leave a review and a photo when you follow the link in the email. 

If you do not receive this or lose the email we are able to re-send this or you can search the product you purchased on the website, scroll down to our reviews on the product and there is an option to leave your own review. Please note you will be unable to leave a photo this way, however, if you email with your photo we will upload this for you.


No worries! Once you have filled out the form you should receive a confirmation email within 7 working days to acknowledge we have received your details and then within 14 days you should receive an email confirming your cashback amount. If you have yet to receive this please email us at


Yes, of course! As long as your item offers cashback and the Terms & Conditions are followed your cashback will be issued. Your 30 days to claim your cashback will start from the date of dispatch rather than the date of the invoice to account for the pre-order.

Cashback 4.1 Agreement


A. act in any way that may harm or impair the Site, Other Channels or Noa & Nani’s operation of the Cashback Service;


B. use the Site, Other Channels, or participate in the Cashback Service in an unlawful or fraudulent manner, or in a way that could encourage others to act unlawfully or fraudulently;


C. access or attempt to access the Cashback Accounts of other Participants or to penetrate or attempt to penetrate any of the security measures in place; or


D. seek to take advantage of any mistakes, flaws or loopholes (as viewed by a reasonable person) in the Offers or in the Cashback Service to gain a financial advantage.


4.2 In the event that Noa & Nani reasonably suspects any of the provisions in clause 4.1 have been breached by a Participant, Noa & Nani reserves the right to:


A. investigate the payment of the Cashback to that Participant and delay that Cashback payment during such investigation;


B. reverse any Cashback that has been paid to a Participant for a Qualifying Purchase;

C. remove the Participant from the participating in the Cashback Service.


D. Either fully or partially suspend the service to that Participant.


4.3 For the avoidance of doubt, where Noa & Nani seeks to exercise the rights set out in clause 4.2, where a Participant returns a Qualifying Purchase to a Participating Merchant the return may be either a partial or full return of the Qualifying Purchase.